10 Safest Cities in South America ( Updated).

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Where is the safest place to live in south america
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Starting above the equator and stretching almost to Перейти на источник, South America is rooted in ancient mystery but alive with plenty to explore today. Some of the highlights are the beautiful beaches, cultural variety, and architecture that stretches back for hundreds of years. There are places like Venezuela or Buenos Ares that you might want to avoid, at least for now, as a traveler. For example, Brazil has the seventh-highest crime rate in the world and Venezuela has the third-highest murder rate, 50 per k people.

With that being said, there are a plethora of places across the continent that are very welcoming. The three safest countries are ChileUruguayand Argentina. That does not mean there are not plenty of cities in neighboring countries with just as much to offer.

Montevideo is at the very bottom of the country, the last stop on the Atlantic before hitting Buenos AiresArgentina. This is pretty much the last bit of civilization before you hit the tip of /6304.txt America and are just a hop, skip, and jump from the South Pole. In fact, it is the oldest city on the whole continent with people living there for more than three millennia.

All that ancient history is one of the reasons the crime rate is so low; tourism is their main source of revenue. You cannot bite the hand that feeds, and Cusco wants the people to keep coming back so they are quite tough on crime. People come from all over the world to stare up into the starry sky as Chile was voted the best place on the planet to look what does p.e.a.r.l stand for. Almost smack dab in where is the safest place to live in south america middle of the country, Cordoba is home to the first university in Argentina and a still-active Jesuit campus from the s.

The city has over 3, inhabitants now, but in the middle of the s, it was considered the most populated city on the globe with a count of 1, While the majority of Bolivia would not be considered super safe, Copacabana has the lowest crime rate in the country. Downtown, there is plenty of local restaurants, modern technology, and plenty of activities to keep night owls living it up. It may not be mandatory to book your airfare, but literally, anything could go wrong, as it could with any trip.

However, it might be more dangerous here due to safety standards not being quite what you may be used to. From outside excursions to unsavory characters, you will want protection.

But, it would be wise and perhaps even viewed as respectful to be familiar with keywords and phrases you may need while there. So, murder, kidnapping, and theft are running rampant in a city that has almost 2, inhabitants. I want to live in South America. What is the safest most affordable country for old people. I am 77 and White. Skip to content. Contents 10 Safest Cities in South America 1.

Montevideo, Uruguay where is the safest place to live in south america. Punta Arenas, Chile 3. Cuenca, Ecuador 4. Cusco, Peru 5. Santiago, Chile 6. Cordoba, Argentina 7. Copacabana, Bolivia 8. Medellin, Colombia 9. Mendoza, Argentina Do I need to know the national language to visit a particular country? What is the where is the safest place to live in south america dangerous city in South America?

You do not need to be fluent ссылка на подробности an entire language to get the most out of your visit abroad. Caracas, Venezuela. Unfortunately, Venezuela is in the middle of a nationwide crisis. Inflation is out of hand, there is not enough where is the safest place to live in south america even if people could pay for it.

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