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The video lecture addresses the topic through examples and general theory so that you will get an idea of what the topic is about and how you can approach it through your own creative . Portfolio Examples Jordan McCracken-Foster. Mostly because I didn’t realize what an art school portfolio really was. Thankfully, I had high Cecilia Cao. Everything had to be . Nov 26,  · W e also offer our very best graphic design portfolio tips to help you raise your portfolio and make it your best tool for career success. List of graphic design portfolio Missing: design school.

Design school portfolio examples. Portfolio Examples


Interview Techniques. Interview Attire. Interview Preparation. Nursing Interview. I don’t know that I’d call them “impressive”, but they may not be bad to have in your hip pocket, so to speak.

Content Marketing. Marketing Tips. Social Media Marketing. Marketing Strategies. Affiliate Marketing. Business Marketing. Online Marketing. Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Pinterest Strategy. Interior Design Sketchbook. Interior Design Portfolios. Fashion Design Sketchbook. Interior Sketch. Interior Design Tips. Art Sketchbook. Studio Interior. Cafe Interior. Restaurant Interior. Natalie Malik Portfolio for Indie Biz 3. Fantastic idea. Buch Design.

Graphisches Design. Menu Design. Visual Design. Design Inspo. Cover Design. Graphic Design Layouts. Graphic Design Typography. Brochure Design. Really Love oversized covers at the moment. Also loving the bronze tones and lack of type. Portfolio Design. Kunst Portfolio. Mise En Page Portfolio. Printed Portfolio. Portfolio Covers.

Portfolio Examples. Portfolio Book. Portfolio Layout. Custom Portfolio. Interior Designer Logo. Commercial Interior Design. Best Interior Design. Interior Design Projects. Commercial Interiors.

Portfolio D’architecture. Portfolio Cover Design. Portfolio Review. Student Portfolios. Experience Design. Design Student. Find A Job. Portfolio Design Layouts. Building your own design portfolio?

This is a great read! The dynamic text in the headline gives visitors insight into the type of person and designer that Ije is before diving into past projects. Ije’s portfolio homepage shows a curated list of their best work with eloquent descriptions of what role Ije played. Each project starts by highlighting the problem that Ije was trying to solve, and then delves into the skills Ije used to succeed in each one.

Onye is an educator-turned-designer, with UX playing a strong role in each of her projects so far. Scroll-triggered animations smoothly update content as you scroll through the page. Using black and white as the base for her website allows Onye to easily shift our focus to her projects, which show up as colored images. Build and visually design a full portfolio website — completely free.

This course covers everything from the basics of grid and flexbox to advanced interactions and accessibility work. Using white space allows site visitors to focus on the projects and written content. Scrolling through the homepage is a joy thanks to the tiny hover states and micro-interactions that encourage you to keep scrolling down. Each page showcases the steps Isabel took to get the end result in each project.

The footer of Isabel’s portfolio provides all of her contact information and links to social media. Keeping contact information in the footer makes it easy for future employers to get in touch. Their projects are laid out like case studies — a title, a paragraph about the work Aziz did, and a CTA to learn more and visit the full project page. Aziz communicates why they are a passionate designer and why potential employers should work with them.

Lauren’s homepage immediately paints a picture of who she is, and what she does best. Having her resume act as a CTA in the navigation shows that she is open to new opportunities, and encourages potential employers to get in touch. Personal touches like this are often overlooked in portfolios, but can prove to be extremely personable. Cydney gives the visitor two ways to access their projects — by scrolling through the single page website or using the hamburger menu to select specific projects.

On the homepage, each project has a short title and quick summary of the project along with the design skills Cydney used to create it. Cydney writes in the first person, which allows them to tell the story of each project in a personable way. This is a really unique feature of Cydney’s portfolio, and showcases their ability to tell stories through design. Check out the day portfolio course to get started. You can also browse Webflow’s template marketplace to see tons of free and low-cost templates that you can use to power your new web design portfolio.

Phenomenal designers at every stage of their design careers post their portfolios and projects to the Showcase, and lots are cloneable so you can try them out for yourself and learn how they were built. August projects: immersive experiences, one page wonders, and customizable views.

Build your site for free and take as long as you need. Skip to main content Webflow logo. Get started — it’s free. Trusted by teams at. Kate Donnellan Integrated Marketing Manager. No items found. Andy Wilbourn. Learn how to build a design portfolio. Start course. Subscribe to be a Webflow Insider. Isabel Ngan. Published October 21, Category Inspiration. Share this. Recommended reads Inspiration 8 stunning wedding website examples to inspire your own.


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We design school portfolio examples compiled several art school portfolios here for you to see the broad range of ways you can approach your own portfolio! Your art school design school portfolio examples is more memorable if you insert some of your own personality into it. Thankfully, I had high school art teachers that really helped me out with this process. They helped me to go through my best pieces and explained to me why some pieces worked better than others.

One of the more unique aspects of my art school portfolio was a short second animation I made while taking a pre-college class in animation. I only had 2 weeks to make it, but I think /11440.txt was one of the highlights of my art перейти portfolio.

You can purchase a portfolio critiquean artist call from one of our staffor statement editing. Often people really need design school portfolio examples and advice that is customized to their needs and circumstances! Everything had to be carefully considered, from the materials I used to seeing how the artworks interacted.

I wanted to make sure that the people viewing my art school portfolio had a good grasp on my skill and familiarity with all mediums, as well as my ability to think conceptually. In high school, I was in an intensive arts program for all four years almost like AP art class in which class assignments could easily end up as portfolio pieces as well.

The main goal of my portfolio was to give the judges a sense of my technical abilities as an artist, but also of my personality as a student and as a person. I spent 3 straight months just нажмите для деталей out as much посмотреть еще as I possibly could.

The feedback that I got was really positive, and that really enabled me to keep going when I was really, really hard on myself. My high school art teacher was an amazing and proactive woman who required us to take high-resolution photographs of every piece we made.

Having design school portfolio examples documentation when time came to assemble an art /14145.txt portfolio was really useful. Breaking down my design school portfolio examples school portfolio like this took away a узнать больше of uncertainty, and was a great way to make sure that I incorporated both my artistic technical skills and personal thematic expression. Your sketchbook shows your thought process An art school portfolio benefits a lot from having….

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