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What does the letter s mean on silverware – what does the letter s mean on silverware:
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Diane is a lover of all things beautiful; music, art, antiques and nature. Her guides bring insight to topics she cares passionately about. British sterling silver hallmarks help to identify the maker and year of manufacture of sterling silver items produced by Great Britain.

Understanding and learning to recognize these marks can help you avoid costly mistakes in both the what does the letter s mean on silverware – what does the letter s mean on silverware: and letteer of antique English silver.

This guide will explain what each mark means and how what does the letter s mean on silverware – what does the letter s mean on silverware: find them on a piece of antique British sterling silver. I’ve been buying and selling antique silver for many years now. When I first started going to estate sales, I was always drawn to the silver gleaming on the tables. I didn’t know what the marks meant, but I was determined to find out. Thus began my education and passion for silver.

I found great resources online, bought out of print books on the subject and picked the brains of antique dealers I met. The knowledge I have gained has helped me score some whhat finds over the years. The estate salespeople often miss these sterling treasures and sell them cheap, not realizing their great value. Learning to recognize these marks will help you to find treasures too, maybe even in your own home. Here’s how to read the marks.

Ever hear the word “sterling” used to describe a person? Britain’s long use of the sterling standard has made the word “sterling” mean the pinnacle of quality, whether in metal or a person’s character. This is known as the “sterling standard. Every removable part of a British sterling item must be fully hallmarked. For example, a teapot with a lid will have marks on the pot, as well as on the lid.

All of Great Britain silvreware: the same system to mark their sterling silver. Each item is assayed tested for quality, then marked with a series of 4 sipverware 5 symbols, each in a cartouche of the same shape. The shape is used with letters to help date the item. The hallmarks will tell you if the item is sterling silver, what town it was assayed in, the date of assay and the maker’s initials. The symbol for English sterling is a walking lion, or “Lion Tue. Most countries that live under the reign of the British crown have their own sterling mark, instead of the lion.

Scotland uses a thistle flower, Ireland uses a harp, and so on. Wbat a note that England itself has made the bulk of sterling wares over the centuries. Items from Scotland and Ireland are rare and can command higher prices.

The town or посетить страницу источник mark denotes the place where the item was tested for its silver quality, or “assayed”. Common town marks are:. British date marks use letters from A – Z to represent dates. Each town of assay uses its mena system.

One letter represents one entire year, then it changes to the next letter in the following year. Some letters can be omitted, like “J” or “V”, because they are too similar to other letters.

When the last letter is reached, the alphabet is repeated, but with a different style of lettering or font. There are guide books that can help you identify the date mark on most older pieces of sterling silver.

The maker’s mark is a series of initials representing the name of the silversmith or company. They are set into a cartouche, usually the same as the other marks, but not always. A crown on top of the initials means that the maker was a what does the letter s mean on silverware – what does the letter s mean on silverware: crown jeweler for that year, serving the royal family in repairs and creating new things for royal use.

Monarch’s Head: A duty mark denoting taxes paid to the crown. This tax what does the letter s mean on silverware – what does the letter s mean on silverware: instituted узнать больше здесьafter the American Revolution, to rebuild Britain’s coffers that the war had drained.

This tax remained in place untilwhen it was rescinded. The image was changed to reflect the current reigning monarch. Question: Can you tell me what these symbols mean on the back of a server spoon found in Scotland? They are an eagle, a crown, and a cross. Answer: Those are maker’s marks. They identify the person or company that made the spoon. They are definitely not Scottish silver marks. They sound more American, though I can’t find a maker that matches them. Question: I have some stirrup cups.

Where would the maker be marked? I’m not sure what that means. Other stirrup cups I’ve seen have maker’s marks just under the rim of the cup, on the outside. I would go over your cups with a good magnifying glass, to see if you can find any more markings. French marks are VERY tiny and usually hidden in the design. English marks tend to be more prominent, in easy to find places. Question: I have a serving spoon. It is engraved with “JEW” I think on the front.

Can you help me figure out what this slverware please? Answer: Your spoon is likely silverplate. It means “electroplate”. The other initials are maker’s initials, which I have not been able to identify. The letters “JEW” on the front are the previous owners monogram. Question: What do the letters “ECG” mean in terms of silverware? There is also a lion, castle and the letter “U”. Answer: Those are the initials of the maker’s name. Depending on what the castle looks like, it comes from either Exeter or Newcastle.

The Lion is for sterling, and the letter “U” is the date code, depending on what the letter style is. I tried to find the maker on the silver marks website, but I didn’t see it there. Question: I silverwaare a silver key. It has the walking lion, the leopard the letter “D” in script. The maker’s mark is “BSI. Answer: That would be silver made in London, but I can’t identify the date or maker. There is no “script” letter посмотреть больше on the chart.

Maybe what you are calling “script” is dows else? You should go the date letter chart on the encyclopedia of silver website to try and match up your letter. As for the maker, I could not find a BSI. Most of the maker’s marks are just two initials, not three. Question: I have a spoon crown, lion, K, and then HA. Is this spoon solid silver?

Answer: Yes, that is sterling silver. Des call it solid, because that means something else. The crown stands for Sheffield, the Lion stands for sterling, and the HA is the initials of the silver maker Atkin Brothers. The K is the date, but you will have to look on the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks website to match it with the correct date. They will have a list there under British, Sheffield silver that you can find it on. Question: I silverwxre a glass plate that rotates on a silver base.

Base has a 5 pointed crown over a shield with two standing lions facing each other. It appears to be a tree between the two lions. Is this sterling or plate? Answer: This wnat most likely silverplate. Things that are sterling are usually marked as such, and that mark doesn’t match any known sterling codes. Question: I have a traveling inkwell with. CA GA followed by lion, shield and lower case h. Is it from the what does the letter s mean on silverware – what does the letter s mean on silverware: s?

Answer: Most likely, yes. The maker’s initials stand for Charles Asprey and George Asprey. The Asprey family of silversmiths goes well back into the late s. The company operated under may different city marks over the years, with the “CA GA” mark coming from London in the late ‘s.

The lower case “h” is for the year


– What Do the Marks S & I Mean on Silverware? – Our Pastimes


It is okay if you do not have a complete set if you are going to sell it for the metal value. However, if your pieces are silver plate, they would have no actual silver or precious metal value.

And with it being an incomplete set, may not fetch much for resale. We only really can comment on the silver value if they are sterling silver and we do that by using the weight of your pieces and the daily price of silver. Thanks and good luck. I have 9 little spoons, to proper for me, that have very ornate owls on the tops. The are slightly tarnished. Any ideas on how to sell them?

It would make a difference as to if your spoons are sterling silver or plated silver. We would need the exact weight of all the spoons together and could give an estimate that way. But they may be move valuable sold as owl spoons weather or not they are silver. IF resold they would fetch more if they were sterling than not.

Thank you. Thanks for your question. It sounds like the spoons you have may be sterling silver. I have a 12 set forks that say Rogers brothers think in original packaging and 12 knives and 6 pearl ones 14 more forks and a tone of spoons how do I see what they are worth. Is this worth anything? I found a sort of serving thingy.. What does that mean? I believe it was used to pour milk or cream. It has a dark patina and is stamped on the bottom… Any info you can share on this piece…?

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Written on March 1, , by Arch Enterprises I have silver tableware with the following markings:. But still your post made me aware about it… thanks Thanks, KiranJoshi.

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Silver Hallmarks Explained in Simple Terms | LoveToKnow – Arch Enterprises

Mar 01,  · It is better to have too many markings on your silverware than no markings! Your markings can give us a good indication of the value of your silver. I’ll try and break it down. . Answer (1 of 2): It stands for “International Silver,” a cartel of silverware manufacturers formed in by 14 silver producers, the largest of which were Holmes and Edwards, Meriden . Mar 23,  · Silver hallmarks can identify the: Age of the item Place where it originated. Rarity Manufacturer Significance Sterling silver is marked with a or This means it is .


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