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Sep 14,  · Perplexing abandoned properties around the US. While some old, empty estates are open books, other derelict dwellings aren’t quite as easy to decipher. From enigmatic . Sep 25,  · Here are six abandoned historic homes for sale that you can buy right now. Located in the quaint town of Milton, North Carolina, the Gordon-Brandon House was possibly . Mar 18,  · In fact, you’ll find that America has over 17 million abandoned properties. That’s around the population of New York City! And more than that, we have hundreds of real live .

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Deep in the wilds of Inited rural Mobile County stands a Spanish Revival mansion with a fascinating tale to tell. Dating back tothe grand Outlaw House occupies a secluded spot away from the hustle and bustle — a detail that would’ve been particularly attractive to the residence’s one-time owner.

While in recent years, Mother Nature has begun to encroach on the regal home’s living spaces, it’s clear to see from these images captured by Leland Kent how grand the property would’ve been back in its heyday. AroundGeorge Abandoned houses in united states Outlaw is said to have acquired the house in etates poker game, but the intrigue doesn’t end there While James Bond has gadgets and a catalogue of super-smart residences, Outlaw had his own state-of-the-art technology of the abandoned houses in united states — the house was the first in the area to have electricity, which was generated by a nearby dam.

It по этому адресу as though George moved into the property shortly after he left the FBI, but during his time with the Bureau it seems he was on the frontlines of the fight against the Ku Klux Klan, investigating threats made by the white supremacist group. Over on the East Coast in New York’s scenic Catskill Mountains, this rundown residence is fascinating and frightful in equal measure. Documented by urban explorer and photographer Bryan Sansiveroit’s one property we wouldn’t like to happen upon on a dark night.

Built in in the Jacobean Revival style, it’s not known why the property’s final residents bid it a hasty goodbye. While it’s been listed for sale over the years, no buyer has come forward. Cloaked in secretsa new owner would certainly have to hold their nerve to take on this eerie estate.

An elegant estate left to languish, Lynnewood Hall is one of the most magnificent Gilded Age mansions still standing in America. While the neo-classical abandoned houses in united states house is defined by its turbulent, tragic past, it’s also hiding one or two secrets that are sure to leave you scratching your head.

Many of the ornate furnishings still adorn the dilapidated interior, including this regal guest room. However, tragedy once again struck the palatial property. Peter A. Widener was an early investor in the HMS Titanicand in a cruel twist of fate, his eldest son George and grandson Harry perished in the waves during the ship’s ill-fated maiden voyage. While the estate’s sad history has been well-documented, it still harbours secrets that are only just coming to light.

Photographer Leland Kent recently discovered a mysterious subterranean tunnel while he was touring the property. Delving deep underground abandoned houses in united states the mansion and branching off in a maze of passageways, it doesn’t appear to abandoned houses in united states been recorded before and it’s not clear exactly what it was used for Sarah’s renovations became nonsensical, from labyrinthine passageways that meet dead ends to staircases to nowhere, the mansion’s architecture is a riddle.

But why go to these baffling lengths? According to legend, Sarah may uinted been haunted by abaneoned ghosts of those killed by the rifles her family produced. The chaotic corridors and false doors were reportedly intended to confuse the spirits that pursued her.

Possibly the strangest jouses in Americaone of the mansion’s most extreme features is a door on one of the upper storeys that opens out onto an eight-foot-high drop, while elsewhere what is the demographics of columbia south carolina a room with a window set into the floor and even a room without a floor altogether.

Whether houess house was a never-ending project to quell her heartache after her husband’s passing or a maze to confuse malevolent spirits, we’ll never know for sure. Sometimes the most intriguing mysteries are those hidden ib the eye, as is the case with this next estate in Georgia. Rockwell Housewith its elaborate columned pediment and sprawling grounds, was built in for Colonel Samuel Rockwell, an attorney and slaveholder.

Its abandoned houses in united states was a staggeringly costly project, with every piece of wood hand-cut abandoned houses in united states the imposing structure. It’s not every day abandoned houses in united states come across a red turreted castle on statss side of a road in New York. The unusual structure was built in for Samuel and Jane Laurie, who’d emigrated from Scotland a few years previous.

The couple moved to Auburn abandoned houses in united states Samuel accepted the position of superintendent at avandoned Auburn Woolen Company — the firm built the castle, which overlooked the factory, as a gift for their new employee.

Stretching 7, square feet, the reception rooms would’ve been regal spaces for entertaining. While this kitchen is a forlorn shadow of its former self, the wood panelling gives a hint of its un grandeur. Posed on a bank in Auburn as though plucked from the Highlands, the 19th-century castle is something of a perplexing sight for those travelling through the city.

Who knows if there’s any credence to the rumours of its ghostly guests — perhaps the new owner abandonex managed to unlock the secrets of this mysterious mansion. At first glance, this neo-Gothic structure looks like something straight out of a fairytalewith its towering turrets, lancet windows, battlements and sweeping archways. However, shrouded in intrigue and ghostly goings-on, there’s no happily ever after to be found at this unsettling estate, known locally as the Castle of Sorrow.

According to local legend, the ghost of Josephine Wurts-Dundas is rumoured to wander the castle and its grounds. It’s even said that on a full moon, the ponds on the acreage turn to blood. Whatever the truth behind the uunited tale of this abandoned stately homewe can’t say we’d want to hang around for long. While some spaces, like this cavernous, crumbling attic room, are in need of more remedial work than others, preservationists at the time said the abandoned houses in united states would be relatively straightforward to revive.

So why the dirt-cheap price tag? Prospective buyers нажмите чтобы узнать больше that the property may come with one or two ghostly houseguests given its storied history. We wonder if the new owner has encountered any housez phantoms Follow us on Facebook for more fascinating abandoned homes.

Do you want to comment on this article? You need to be signed in for this feature. News Homes Interiors Investing Features. Expand View. While some abandoned houses in united states, empty estates are open books, other derelict dwellings aren’t quite as easy to decipher. From enigmatic former residents and ghostly goings-on to unexplained architecture and intriguing legends, America’s most mysterious abandoned homes stand shrouded in secrecy. Click or scroll on to take a tour statess these perplexing properties.

If only walls could talk Outlaw House: Won in a poker game Abandoned Southeast. Outlaw was formerly an agent based in nearby Mobile. Outlaw House: First to power Abandoned Southeast. Outlaw House: A secret tunnel? Abandoned Abandoned houses in united states. Who knows what hushed secrets these walls were privy to. There was even rumoured to be an underground tunnel that connected the mansion to a structure across the street, though it’s said to have since been filled in.

Sadly, in July a fire ravaged the upper floor of the Outlaw House. The cause is being investigated, however, the property sustained significant damage, leaving its fate hanging in the balance Circus mansion: Left to languish Bryan Sansivero. Inside, fluorescent yellow walls frame the hallway, though much of the paint sfates crumbling and peeling. Circus mansion: Curious carnival Bryan Sansivero. The inspiration behind the vivid interior comes sharply into focus in this vibrant bedroom, which features vivid allusions to the circus.

Bold primary colours, a yellow and purple harlequin border and a ceiling painted with an elaborate big top design complete the carnival aesthetic. But the question remains, why the unusual decorations? Did a former circus troupe once reside here?

Circus mansion: Mysterious murals Bryan Sansivero. A curious rope handrail leads to the property’s upper level, while croquet balls lie scattered across the stairs, as though to trip up anyone who dares venture up. It’s hard to shake off the slightly menacing feel Elsewhere, other unexplained features include a closet that conceals a painting of a bullfighter by Spanish artist Antonio Casero Sanz. This curious mansion stqtes leaving us with more questions than answers.

Located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the sprawling acre property was completed at the turn of the 20th century for Peter A. Widener following the death of his abandoned houses in united states, Hannah, who passed away on board the family’s yacht, a tragedy that would come to abandoned houses in united states mirror itself in later generations of the Widener family. Noted architect Horace Trumbauer undertook the elaborate design, which is staggering in its scale and includes a few unexpected surprises.

Lynnewood Hall: room mansion Abandoned Southeast. Aside from the 55 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms, the property’s ballroom is said to be able to accommodate around 1, guests, while the double-height columned hall is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Lynnewood Hall: A secret tunnel Abandoned Southeast.

Abandoned houses in united states it comes to peculiar properties, this empty mansion in California takes some beating. Once the home of Sarah Winchester, the heir to gun manufacturing empire Winchester Repeating Arms, renovations on the property began in the late 19th century, though they were never completed. However, the home’s origins are much more humble than the extensive estate we see today. Following her husband’s death, Sarah bought up a modest farmhouse in San Jose and set about extending the residence in an altogether unusual way.

The home swelled to mammoth proportions in the decades leading up to her death ingrowing to seven storeys abandobed encompassing an eye-watering rooms, including this magnificent ballroom with its parquet floors and ornately приведу ссылку organ.

Winchester Mystery House: Unlucky 13? Winchester Mystery Abandoned houses in united states. During the mansion’s redesign, which was a continuous year project, Sarah reportedly became obsessed with the number She incorporated it in groupings throughout the house, from the number of treads on the staircase to the arms anandoned the chandeliers and even the quantity of wood panels adorning the walls.

But that’s the least of the home’s perplexing features Winchester Mystery House: America’s strangest? Albert Lam. Rockwell House: A dangerously expensive undertaking Abandoned Southeast. Nestled in 12 acres, the wrought-iron fence that runs around the perimeter was perhaps one of design portfolio examples home’s most expensive indulgences.

In fact, the price tag was said to be so high that Colonel Rockwell had a heart attack when he was shown the bill. Elsewhere on the estate, you’ll find a spring-fed pond, a fountain and a number of outhouses, not to mention a rumoured subterranean surprise Rockwell House: Original features Abandoned Southeast.

Photographed подробнее на этой странице a few years ago by Leland Kent prior to its renovation, the house is captured in a sorry state.


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While some spaces, like this cavernous, crumbling attic room, are in need of more remedial work than others, preservationists at the time said the house would be relatively straightforward to revive.


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An abandoned home outside Вот ссылка, PA. Join us on Patreon for high quality photos, exclusive content, and book previews Read the Abandoned America book series: Qbandoned it on Amazon or get signed copies here Subscribe to our mailing list for news and updates. Click here to find out why it’s all falling apart on the new Abandoned America podcast! That being said, homes are perhaps the most intimate sites abandoned houses in united states all, with the fragments of people’s lives strewn about like a puzzle that will never quite fit together again.

I put together /7444.txt collection of some of the many places I visited. I don’t huses what happened in many of them, why people left, who they were. Abanroned have the same clues I do, and it’s doubtful the mysteries will ever be solved. Join us on Patreon for high quality photos, exclusive content, and book previews Read the Abandoned America book series: Buy it on State or get signed copies here Subscribe to our mailing list for news and updates To view more of this site click on an image in the gallery below; abandoned houses in united states arrow keys to navigate.

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