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Are there alligators in south carolina

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The tides can also be a concern if you are too far out into the water and the tide starts going out. Poaching continued even after inclusion of the species in the Endangered Species Protection Act of and the Endangered Species Conservation Act of They protect them fiercely and will attack intruders if they believe they are a threat to their eggs. Alligator farms began to raise alligators for the meat and skin trade so that wild alligators were not killed. In , alligators benefited from a law, originally intended to protect deer, that banned night shooting. In: W. They will eat a small dog, for instance.




Are there alligators in south carolina. Are There Alligators in South Carolina?




Are there alligators in south carolina.



American alligators are cold-blooded animals, but generally are active year round in South Carolina. Breeding season for the American alligator varies. Alligators are native to Hilton Head, with an estimated population of 2,, gators making the island their home. Alligators crossing the. Yes. They are in both South Carolina and North Carolina. Their range extends down the coast, around Florida, and all along the Gulf Coast past Texas.

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