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What state has the largest mule deer
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Click to see full answer. No matter how the data is sliced, Colorado is the state that produces the most and largest record mule deer bucks in the nation.

How much did the largest mule deer weigh? I discovered records for the heaviest mule deer that were pounds live weight and pounds field dressed weight feet on or off? For all but the most selective die-hard hunters, a mule deer buck in the s is a big buck and an attainable goal.

A mule deer buck that approaches points will probably be fairly mature, with long beams, good points, and по этому сообщению decent mass.

Where can I find the biggest mule deer? Due to excellent mule deer habitat, an what state has the largest mule deer of food, and good management practices by Приведу ссылку Parks and Wildlife, the state has what state has the largest mule deer largest what state has the largest mule deer deer population in the nation and is widely regarded as the top mule deer destination in the country.

What is the Colorado state record mule deer? Whats the biggest elk ever shot? The elks antler measurements totaled inches, surpassing the previous non-typical American elk record by 13 inches.

How much does a trophy mule deer weigh? The largest, trophy-sized mule deer buck can weigh more than pounds and stands three to three and a half узнать больше tall at the shoulder.

Bucks typically weigh between and pounds. What is the cheapest state to hunt mule deer? One of North Americas greatest trophy heads is considered to be the Worlds Record non-typical mule deer, which was what does r&b business in Alberta, Canada, and has held the title for more than 90 years. Doug Burris, Jr. By day four, Doug had set his sights on a buck that one of his hunting buddies had earlier seen.

Another Stellar Season at Spey Creek In addition to the successful hunts and wonderful friendships formed, the season also brought with it a number of new world records, including the largest stag ever taken by any weapon, по этой ссылке currently pending 1 Red stag in the world, ranked at SCI and taken with a bow!

Many trophy mule deer hunters consider the Kaibab to be one of the best trophy mule deer hunts available anywhere, and it is home to some of the largest mule deer bucks in the entire state of Arizona and the United States. By жмите сюда, a what state has the largest mule deer mule deer will have four points per side plus eye guards.

According to the Boone and Crockett Clubs scoring system, the gross score for a typical mule deer is the sum of measurements of his inside spread, length of his main beams, length of points, and eight mass or circumference measurements.

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What state has the largest mule deer

1. Colorado: Colorado has a mule deer population between , and , animals, and this state has produced more record mule deer than any. Colorado is a top state for mule deer, in large part, because of the size of the deer population there. An estimated , to , mule. B&C World’s Record – Typical Mule Deer ; SCORE: 4/8 ; LOCATION: Dolores County, Colorado ; HUNTER: Doug Burris, Jr. ; OWNER: Cabela’s, Inc. ; DATE:


Best States to Hunt Mule Deer | onX Hunt


I drew a second-choice deer tag in that offered over 40 percent harvest success rates. Other states with higher harvest rates do not guarantee a license for next year. For example, Montana has a 56 percent nonresident success rate. If you are wanting to chase mule deer and are most concerned with having a cooler full of free-range venison from the Rocky Mountains, there are few better options than Colorado.

Do not forget to apply next spring! I often find a plethora of folks who want to go hunting for mule deer without much pre-planning. After hunting the Cornhusker State for mule deer during rifle season, I know public land and public access areas are more crowded than an all-you-can-eat night at the local steakhouse. All joking aside, my experience in the state is one where the short rifle season drives congestion in the field, especially on opening day.

By contrast, the primitive weapon seasons were pleasant, with a lot of mule deer around to pursue. The over-the-counter archery season runs from September 1 through December Again, the rifle hunting pressure is immense on publicly accessible land. However, it is a great place to get your feet wet practicing your glassing skills and pursuing mule deer with your choice of weapon.

This is especially so if you do not live in a state with mule deer hunting opportunities. Although the and drought cycles will hurt populations, the consummate archery hunter will find plenty of opportunities here for both mule deer and Coues whitetail deer. You can walk into the store and buy a tag over the counter in this state. With that license, you can hunt in January of that year, a day season that kicks off at the end of August, and again in December as the rut is turning on.

These hunts are popular. It comes in at No. Ravalli County is the top typical-producing county with nine entries in the last 10 years. Pondera and Rosebud have three and two. The non-typical front looks different. You can find both. I know it is for me. But for those who like to plan, we hope the information above is the first step in helping you decide where to live out that dream. Are you a big game hunter wanting to learn how to accomplish your goals? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to’s on big game hunting.

Follow us on Facebook. Realtree is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience to everyone, including those with disabilities. They mean the same thing. Non-typical antler sets can be freakishly abnormal looking, have an uneven number of points, and those points can be in all shapes, sizes, and directions. What should be kept in mind about typical vs. It may have been an injury during a fight, low levels of testosterone due to malnutrition or food scarcity, or even disease.

In fact, when experts are considering areas with the best quality management indicators present, they are looking at how many typical bucks are present. Access Initiatives. Elite Membership. Pick Your State. On the second day, Roe and Winters both took nice five-pointers, while Smith and Burris remained empty-handed.

On the third day, Burris decided to go after a buck a friend had seen in Proven Canyon the day before. About mid-morning, Burris spotted two nice bucks feeding in a clearing about yards away. While he watched these bucks, a third came into view. Burris knew immediately that the latter buck had to be exceptional as he could see antlers even without the aid of binoculars. Arm yourself with the right gear Whether you prefer stand hunting or spotting-and-stocking, one of the best hunting tips we can offer you is to outfit yourself with quality hunting equipment.

So make sure you’re prepared! Spike Camp Essentials for Elk Hunting. Preparing Your Dog for Waterfowl Season. Follow Us. Subscribe Here! Recent Posts. Conservation in a Crowded World: Eric Dinger.

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