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Best hikes near asheville nc reddit – best hikes near asheville nc reddit
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Feb 17,  · Best Hiking in Asheville NC Guide. Moore Cove Falls Trail; Craggy Gardens Trail; Fryingpan Mountain Lookout Tower Trail; Skinny Dip Falls Trail; Devils Courthouse . Explore lush forests, view-packed mountain summits, and tumbling waterfalls on our top ten favorite hikes within 40 miles of downtown Asheville. Rolling mountains cloaked in lush, green forests stretch to infinity on the horizon. Sun . If you want a scenic drive and amazing hikes, there’s lots of them off the Blue Ridge Parkway in either direction of Asheville. I’m more familiar with south of Asheville. There’s a really great .

Best hikes near asheville nc reddit – best hikes near asheville nc reddit


The name comes from back when the forest was devastated by logging and the tree stumps appeared like gravestones. The landscape now appears as pure sun-soaked wilderness, both verdant and gnarled. Streams intersect the trail throughout the journey, and there are lower falls and upper falls of cascading, glittering water chuting over boulders and cliffs.

This hike takes you to a tree-free bald with those quintessential rolling Blue Ridge views and a great winter hike.

Balds are unique features in the Asheville landscape, they occur at high altitudes but are covered in grass and other small plant life. As such, we love this spot for picnicking. Black Balsam has an elevation of 6, feet, but is still considered an easy Asheville hike. There is less shade than most other trails and it can also be quite a bit colder, so prepare accordingly.

This trail is part of a larger one called Art Loeb, which you can always continue onto if you wish to extend the hike to up to 30 miles. The Art Loeb is considered one of the best hikes in North Carolina! There are many legends about how the name of this hike came to be. Either way, this imposing climb lives up to its hype as one of the best hikes near Asheville.

At 5, feet the observation deck at the finish boasts surreal panoramas stretching all the way to Georgia. We especially love this view for sunset before heading back to our Asheville cabin. This is the perfect Asheville hike for those looking for a challenge, but definitely one of the best hikes in Asheville. It is an extremely steep rocky monolith within Pisgah National Park.

The summit is not particularly tall, at less than 4, feet, but is flat and forested with a thrilling vertical drop just over the granite edges. You will find yourself engulfed by the surrounding ranges, as opposed to other peaks where you are overlooking them. The singular trail up the seemingly insurmountable rockface has plenty of switchbacks making it quite doable in the end.

Its curved rock formation often reflects light, hence the name, especially in the golden rays of the sunrise. After this hike, you can decide if you prefer views of the mountain or those from the mountain. The route back down is a refreshing respite from the steep ascent.

This hike is difficult but rewarding and considered one of the best things to do in North Carolina. The trail winds through balsam forests for crisp, fresh mountain air and is home to many species of native wildlife and rare plants.

We recommend bringing binoculars for bird spotting. This is a must-visit of all the best hikes near Asheville, and is less frequented than some of the other Mt Mitchell options, making for a peaceful experience. The terrain of the trail itself can be difficult, so prepare for some mud and a few tricky drop-offs.

The trail itself is short but very steep, however, the spectacular views over Pisgah National Forest are well worth it. It is one of the best destinations in the area for climbing. The trail is very well maintained and signposted. The peak looks flat from afar, hence the name, but feels more like a ridge once you get to it. Keep your eyes peeled for the Peregrine Falcon as they live in protected cliffside nests seasonally in the area. It hosts a complex system of ladders and walkways. There are three separate peaks at Grandfather Mountain, each more stunning than the next.

The third is the tallest at 5, feet, with unparalleled panoramas. Be prepared for lots of hoisting, scrambling, and climbing on this rugged route. The trail feels like an adventure unfolding before your eyes, weaving in and out of dense forest to rocky ridges to open overlooks. We recommend this mostly for experienced hikers. This is a longer hike, so make sure to quench your thirst at one of the many Asheville breweries after!

The trail winds gradually up the steep slope and features fields full of wildflowers and fern forest for a wonder-filled out and back trek. The trail goes from gravel, to boardwalk, to a bouldered singletrack. There are plenty of large rocky outcrops at the finish, the perfect place to rest and soak up the scenery. This hike will steal your heart. The trail is part of the famous Appalachian Trail and is a favorite of all the best hikes near Asheville. There are two paths to choose from, one goes straight up and the other winds around the mountain.

We recommend the latter loop to really enjoy the landscape. The summit is a lovely bald with some of the most jaw-dropping views.

Located in Pisgah National Forest, this trek is popular among seasoned Ashville hikers. The scenery is gorgeous in every season and it takes you on a journey of different terrains, from waterfalls to lush forests. It begins at a fish hatchery at Cat Gap.

It crosses many creeks and has a set of cliffs for breathtaking views and a break partway through the adventure, as it is a longer trail. See if you can spot Looking Glass Rock from here. The Center for Wildlife Education is a fun and interesting visit before or after the journey to learn about the area as well. This is a longer day out, so make sure to plan a great meal at an Asheville restaurant after. There are some wonderful restaurants in Asheville.

One of the most iconic and tallest North Carolina mountains , Mount Pisgah towers at 5, feet, allowing it to be seen all the way from downtown Asheville. The first half-mile of the hike will seem easy, with very little elevation gain. Soon thereafter, your efforts will be rewarded as you reach a wooden observation deck where you can admire the long-ranging summit views. The name Graveyard Fields may evoke images of a dark and eerie stretch of wilderness. But this is actually a beautiful trail, with sparkling waterfalls and fields of wildflowers along the route.

The trail gets its odd name from stumps that were said to resemble tombstones, which were once dispersed across the area after a terrible wildfire. Those haunting remnants are long gone, and the area is now one of the most popular day trips from Asheville. Along with the high-elevation meadows and wildflowers, blueberry bushes can be seen all over the area. Around August, lots of people come here to pick their own berries , with National Park Service rules allowing visitors to pick up to 1 gallon of blueberries per day!

There are many trails that can take you to the falls, but the most popular is the 4. The trail will lead you through a gorgeous stretch of DuPont Forest. At around 2.

Here you can admire the cascading water up close as it rushes down the granite rock face before collecting in a series of pools and settling in the area below. While it may not have the jaw-dropping summit views that some of the other Asheville hiking trails on this list offer, the Rattlesnake Lodge Trail makes up for it with its understated beauty and rich history.

A popular hike among locals, this trek follows the Mountains to Sea Trail eastbound. It allows hikers to explore the ruins of Rattlesnake Lodge, which was built by physician-turned-conservationist Dr. Chase Ambler. Named for its living room ceiling, which was covered in rattlesnake skins, the lodge was originally built in the early s as a summer home for the Ambler family.

But it was later sold, and ultimately destroyed in a fire in the s. The hike to the summit is relatively short, but we rate this trail as moderate for its fairly intense elevation gain. Departing from a trailhead off of NC Forest Service , the trail delves into a hardwood and pine forest. Along with featuring beautiful Crabtree Falls in the middle of the hike, this trail is also unique because it passes an amphitheater that hosts ranger talks and demonstrations.

The sound of rushing water will fill your ears as the trail crosses a wooden bridge over the base of the falls. This is a picturesque spot for photos and admiring the sparkling water as it cascades down a massive rock face. You can simply retrace your steps back to the trailhead from here or continue on for a more scenic route that passes a shallow cave and another smaller waterfall. The trail follows Davidson River upstream, passing by several smaller cascades along the way.

There are also some roots and larger rocks you have to make your way around, so be sure to watch your step! Once you reach the falls and spend some time admiring the scenery, you can continue along the loop trail to complete the hike at four miles.

The hike to this scenic area starts off with a few steep switchbacks. Tumbling nearly feet down a cliff into a boulder-strewn pool, Rainbow Falls is a beautiful sight to behold. And when the sun hits it just right, this waterfall creates a brilliant rainbow in the mist. If you want to see this stunning sight, the hike departs from the Grassy Ridge Trailhead in Gorges State Park, one of the newer state parks in North Carolina. The trail passes through dense thickets of mountain laurel and a creek valley before leaving the state park and entering the Nantahala National Forest.

Following the Horsepasture River, the trail crosses a small stream before beginning an uphill climb. The sound of the waterfalls will become increasingly loud before the spectacular cascades come into view.

After admiring the waterfall, retrace your steps back to the trailhead to end the adventure at just under four miles. The payoff here is incredible, with seemingly endless views spanning across a magnificent spruce-fir forest. But it comes at the cost of an intense elevation gain of nearly 3, feet. The trail is an out-and-back route that can be done in a day, but there are also hike-in campsites along the way!

One of the longer, more strenuous hikes near Asheville, the Art Loeb Trail is a great option for trekkers looking for a long distance, multi-day backpacking adventure. The trail makes its way across myriad peaks and ridges, which provides hikers with astounding views across the Pisgah National Forest and allows you to see most of the surrounding mountains.

There are plenty of campsites along the trail, since the trek is usually done over multiple days. But if you just want a taste of the Art Loeb Trail, you can always explore shorter sections via easier day hikes. Located less than 20 miles east of Asheville , the Graybeard Trail is a beautiful place at any time of the year. The trail departs a gravel parking lot and enters a hardwood forest, immediately ascending Graybeard Mountain.

In around 1. The main trail will grow increasingly steep, but the continuously incredible views are sure to keep you motivated! The 5. One of the few roadside waterfalls in the state, Looking Glass Falls offers an excellent reward for minimal effort.

After entering a fern-filled forest, the trail heads westbound and begins an unrelenting climb to the summit. The intense elevation gain will require some strong legs.

But before you know it, the forest opens up at just over 2. The huge rocky outcrop is a great spot to relish in the natural beauty of Western North Carolina. But the rocks can be slippery and the drop-off is incredibly steep, so be careful and watch your footing! We encourage anyone who loves the Blue Ridge region to learn about the Leave No Trace principles of responsible environmental stewardship. Stay on marked trails, take only pictures, pack out your trash, and be considerate of others who share the trails and parks you explore.

Remember that waterfalls and rocky summits can be dangerous. Never try to climb waterfalls or get close to a ledge to get a selfie.

Growing up in rural south Georgia, Christina Maggitas developed a love for nature at a young age and spent the majority of her formative years outdoors. Since first visiting the Great Smokey Mountains with her family as a child, she has always admired the beauty of the Blue Ridge region and spends as much time as she can hiking north Georgia.


– Best hikes near asheville nc reddit – best hikes near asheville nc reddit

There is an “ordinary pocketknife” exception that does not extend to some location-based restrictions such as schools.


A road trip to Asheville, N.C., long, but well worth taking – 15 BEST HIKES NEAR ASHEVILLE NC

Yes, Roan Mountain/Grassy Bald is an awesome hike – one of the best in the area. You could also check out Mt. Cammerer on the east side of the. Easy Hiking Trails · Azalea Collection Trail – miles (Foot traffic ONLY) · Bent Creek Road – miles · Bent Creek Trail – miles (Foot traffic ONLY) · Old. Go into pisgah. Cat gap loop is cool but a little more strenuous. Pink beds is near there too but is very chill and flat.

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