Biltmore estate tour – biltmore estate tour.How to Plan a Day Visit at the Biltmore Estate

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Biltmore estate tour – biltmore estate tour
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Plus, get local updates — including events and hidden gems — straight to your inbox. Sign up here. Did I mention there is a rooftop pool overlooking the mountains? You can access downtown, Biltmore, and the Blue Ridge Parkway reasonably quickly. What did you think, and what did you do while there?

Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments. Below, we are sharing some of the top recommended tours at Biltmore Estate.

Length: About 1. You’ll find some informational signs and mannequins showcasing period clothing. A self-guided walking tour of Biltmore House will take about 1. Afterward, head outside to the gardens and grounds for a stroll through the seasonal flowers. Touring Biltmore House is included in your general admission ticket price. This tour happened to be free with our advanced booking — as part of a special.

You’ll also gain extra insight into the bubbly and bottling process. Learn more. Prices vary by date and season. Youth ages receive discounted admission. Kids 9 and under are free. If you live within 4 hours or so of Asheville and want to experience Biltmore in all four seasons, I highly recommend purchasing an annual pass. It pays for itself in estate entrance fees after two visits , and you enjoy free entry to the House for a year. Passholders also get a small discount on specialty tours, Christmas tours, dining, and shopping, plus early access to special events and other special offers throughout the year.

Note that if you intend to come with your spouse every time, you both need an annual pass. This is a great way to add on some of the outdoor activities available from the Outdoor Center in Antler Hill Village. Biltmore Village was created to house the many artisans and workers that relocated to Asheville to help construct the Biltmore Estate.

It was a self-sufficient village with homes, shops, grocery stores, and a beautiful church. The House tour with the audio guide is about 1. The part that everyone forgets is the drive in and out of the estate. It can take up to 45 minutes to get from the front gate to the House parking lots , and then another 15 minutes or so to walk to the house, depending how fast you walk and how far away you parked.

However, we strongly recommend spending the entire day at Biltmore to maximize the cost efficiency of your ticket price. The winery? The gardens? No matter when your House Entry time is, you can enter the estate as soon as it opens. The Biltmore House Tour covers three floors , and this is not a small place. There is an elevator for those that need it, but the upper floors are still not completely level. And while the House has many modern conveniences, it does not have air conditioning.

Walking the gardens is subject to the weather , but I still recommend it, even in a light rain. Bring sun protection on clear, hot days or an umbrella if it looks like rain. Your House entry time on your ticket is NOT the time you should show up at the entrance to the estate. You will have to wait in line in your car for a few minutes when you first arrive, before they can scan your tickets and let you onto the estate.

Then, the entrance drive is a beautifully landscaped, winding, one-way roadway with a speed limit varying between mph. This road was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in a time when horse drawn carriages were still the main source of transportation. Trust me, I know. Book your House Tour either early morning or late afternoon.

Timed entry tickets help reduce congestion, but the tours are self-guided so people can explore however fast, or slow, that they want. There are no public restrooms inside the Biltmore House , and the tour is anywhere from 1. New in came a no bag policy. The outcry must have been loud enough, though, because they fairly quickly revised it to a clear bag only policy. Alternatively, lockers are available for a fee , located by the restrooms near the Stable Courtyard. The House tour is self-guided, but there are no plaques or exhibits inside.

The audio guide provides all the history and funny anecdotes about life in a giant mansion, as well as points out all the unique features of each room. Lines get long in the stable courtyard for the quick bites, and the restaurants all require reservations, which you should make before your trip see below. Also keep in mind that eating at Antler Hill Village and coming back to the house for a tour requires 30 minutes of driving minimum, each way.

There are two hotels to choose from, both in Antler Hill Village. The Inn is a five-star hotel, complete with doormen, valets, turn down service, butler suites, and a price tag to match. Make up your mind! I know, but hear me out. The first tip was for those that want to budget for a splurge. The second is for those that want to splurge on another tour or a restaurant instead. The following hotels are also near the Biltmore Village area within 5 minutes from the estate entrance, but their affordability varies based on your rewards status:.



Biltmore Estate Insider’s Guide .


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Biltmore estate tour – biltmore estate tour.Welcome to Gunther Charters and Tours!


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