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Ads of Westerly, RI Area Listings. Find the Perfect Real Estate for You!Search + Westerly Real Estate with maps and pictures today!Choose from s of Homes · Updated Every 15 Mins. · All MLS Listings · Community InfoTypes: Houses, Townhomes, Condos, Land, Lots, Acreage. The average cost of living in Rhode Island can get pretty pricey. Thus, you will find that your expenses can add up quickly. Thus, you will find that your expenses can add up quickly. . Aug 08,  · How much do I need to earn to live in Rhode Island? As you can see, the cost of living in Rhode Island is expensive. So, how much do you need to make to afford to live .


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Since the benefits of living in Rhode Island are many. But the bad things about Rhode Island must be considered too. Disclosure: At no cost to you, I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. We are going to address each of these living in Rhode Island pros and cons head-on. It has miles of ocean shoreline and picturesque beaches, lakes, and streams.

Plus many miles of lush forests among the rolling hills. From urban to a small town, rural, or coastal. Next, educational options are abundant. Especially higher education. For anyone pursuing that all-important degree. Finally, life in Rhode Island means you are close to everything the state has to offer. And close to everything nearby states have to offer too! On the other hand, a discussion about the pros and cons of living in Rhode Island would not be complete. Without addressing the worst things about living in Rhode Island.

Similar to other states in the New England region. This is an expensive state to reside in. Housing, groceries, and utilities are a few of the biggest offenders. Making it hard to balance your budget. Where income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes. All combine to create a heavy tax burden for Rhode Island residents. Next, what does a small land area? Combined with a large population and thousands of tourists create?

The answer is a densely populated state. With overcrowding, and bad traffic congestion. Especially during the summer season. With the state highlights of this living in Rhode Island review taken care of. Since the state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on two sides. With a coastline full of inlets, coves, bays, and beaches to explore. Speaking of beaches, they range from the protected beaches in Narragansett Bay.

A bay shared with the state of Massachusetts. Some of the best beaches to visit include…. With the backdrop of the Mohegan Bluffs. Being large clay cliffs.

About feet high. Furthermore, one of the best things about Rhode Island is the spring through fall weather. Providing a temperate climate.

With plenty of sunshine. You might need to venture into upstate New York. If hiking in and climbing mountains is your thing.

Since the state has a nice mix of environments. For choosing your favorite type of lifestyle. Thus, depending on your budget. You can have an ocean view, be in the city, on a farm, or out in the middle of the woods.

Looking for a city environment? And the largest by population in the state. There you will find an urban vibe with a small-town atmosphere. It is a walkable, relatively safe city. With lots of character from the old architecture and history. From cultural celebrations, nightlife, and a noteworthy entertainment scene. It has a huge collection. And is an absolute must-visit for anyone with an eye for art. Looking for that perfect example of small-town New England charm? Then move away from the greater Providence metropolitan area.

You will find dozens of peaceful small colonial towns to choose from. It is here you will experience the advantages of small-town living. And last but not least, you can choose to live on the shoreline. It is one of the cool things about Rhode Island. For example…. Just to name a few. Well, let me just say this.

They are amazing places to live. For anyone that wants to live close to the ocean waters. Leading me to another one of the perks of living in Rhode Island. Because the state is so small. Measuring just 37 miles wide. And 48 miles long, according to ri. Since it is quick and convenient to travel anywhere in the state.

And do so in less than an hour. For example, you can hike Jerimoth Hill in the morning. The highest point in the state. As a result, you are never too far away from the city, beach, or woods. No matter where your Rhode Island life takes you. Versus other states in the country. On the other, if you dig a little deeper. Some school districts are better than others here. So, many people who move to Rhode Island want a good education for their children.

Therefore, they are selective in where they choose to live. For the schools that are offered. Specifically, towns like Barrington, or East Greenwich are popular choices. While Kingstown and Cranston are okay too. On the other hand, when considering the Providence school system. Most consider it to be of lesser quality. So, here is the best moving to Rhode Island advice I can give you.

Specifically, choose your exact location wisely. To fit not only your desired lifestyle. But also to meet other priorities that are important to you. Since the state has excellent higher education options.

Starting with prestigious Brown University as the headliner. Where just getting accepted into this Ivy League institution is a big accomplishment. Across these institutions, you will find excellent programs. From culinary arts to sports management, psychology, teacher education, nursing, and much more. As a result, Rhode Island attracts some smart people. And does a great job of developing them.

Into the brightest minds and creative types, you will find. First, state residents are close to great cities. Since Boston is only about 60 miles away. While New York City is less than miles from Providence. So, whether you need a weekend getaway. Or, access to more business opportunities.


Is it expensive to live in rhode island. The Cost of Living in Rhode Island in 2022


While Rhode Island is the smallest state in the nation, it packs a lot of charm and natural beauty into its 1, square miles.

Living in the Ocean State gives you access to its miles of scenic coastline, quaint seaside towns and fresh, delicious seafood. Life is laidback and easy. But, as is the case with most New England states, the overall cost of living in Rhode Island is on the high side. You’ll find that cities like Providence and popular coastal retreats like Newport have the most expensive cost of living. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find nearby towns or cities that are more affordable.

No matter where you live in Rhode Island, you’re never far from its vibrant cities, picturesque coast and fantastic art, culture and dining. This in-depth look at Rhode Island’s cost of living will help you find the best city or town to call home. That romantic vision of living in a seaside town or city in New England will cost you big in Rhode Island.

Housing costs here are well above the national average. You can expect high rental rates and home prices throughout the state, with the highest rates in popular cities like Providence and Newport. The good news is that more reasonably-priced towns are never far away from major urban centers. So, you’re likely to find lower rents and home prices in the general area you want to live in. In Rhode Island, housing costs are The median sale price to buy a house in Providence has gone up Seafood lovers will have a field day living in Rhode Island.

This coastal state has tons of famous seafood dishes, like Rhode Island clam chowder, clam cakes and Rhode Island-style calamari. Rhode Island is also famous for its domestic chicken breed the Rhode Island Red.

But, for access to all these unique local specialties, you’ll be paying more than the national average. For total grocery costs, Rhode Island is 8.

Even though food costs here are elevated, the amount of money that Rhode Island residents spend on food each month is pretty middle-of-the-road. Luckily, food costs in Providence are significantly cheaper than the statewide average. They actually fall 1. When it comes to utilities like electricity and water, you’ll be paying more than the national average living in Rhode Island. In the capital city, it’s especially high at As an example of how high utilities costs are in Providence, let’s look at some average monthly bills.

This New England state relies on natural gas for the majority of its electric generation, followed by hydropower and petroleum. Reservoirs and rivers supply the drinking water. One of the benefits of living in Rhode Island is that its small size allows mass transit almost everywhere.

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority provides public transportation throughout the state with its fleet of buses and vans. Its main hub is Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence. Bigger cities like Providence and Newport have larger, extensive systems with more frequent service and stops. But rural, regional and express long-distance routes between cities are also available, as well as paratransit and vanpool commuting options.

If you don’t want to use a bus, this coastal state also has ferry routes. The private Seastreak company operates a Providence to Newport ferry route between coastal cities like Providence, Bristol and Newport. If you do plan on using a car, Rhode Island does have some toll roads and bridges. Although I, a major interstate highway that runs through the entire state, does have tolls, those only apply to commercial trucks and tractor trailers.

Using public transportation is a great way to save money. It’s also more environmentally friendly and can reduce traffic congestion and commuting times. But the total cost of transportation in Rhode Island cities is above the national average.

So, whether or not using mass transit saves you money depends on your personal situation. As Rhode Island’s capital city and most populous urban center, transportation costs are higher in Providence at 6. A range of fixed-route, rapid bus and high-frequency routes run through the city center , with some routes extending out into the metro area. You can pay fares in cash or with the WAVE card or app. Its transit score is As a compact coastal city, you can also easily get around Providence on foot or by bike, as well.

It has high scores in both areas, with a walk score of 84 and a bike score of If you’re looking for a state that offers good healthcare for reasonable prices, Rhode Island fits the bill. It ranks ninth in the nation for its overall healthcare and is fourth in the nation for healthcare access. The quality of its healthcare and general public health is also high.

The costs for this high-quality level of care are also reasonable. Several of the top-ranked hospitals in Rhode Island are also located in Providence, giving locals near-instant access to top-tier care. The overall cost of healthcare in Providence is almost on-par with the national average at only 0. It’s difficult to calculate average healthcare costs, though. Based on personal factors like pre-existing conditions or medication needs, healthcare costs vary widely from person to person.

The above healthcare figures are rough estimates, so you may pay more or less for things like doctor’s visits depending on your healthcare needs. Living in Rhode Island, you’ll be paying more than the national average for miscellaneous goods and services. Overall, those costs are But, compared to other big cities in the region, it’s more affordable in Providence.

Want to go to a movie? But, some services are more expensive here than in other regional cities. When calculating your monthly budget and expenses, taxes are sometimes overlooked. But whether in the form of sales tax or income tax, living in a state with high tax rates does have an impact on your bottom line. If you’re living in a city with high sales tax, it can quickly whittle away at your budget.

Knowing tax rates in your state will help you better understand and prepare for spending. In Rhode Island, the statewide sales tax is 7 percent. While 7 percent is a decent mark-up, the good news is that cities and counties in Rhode Island don’t levy a local sales tax.

That means that the sales tax rate in Providence is the same as the statewide rate of 7 percent. For income tax, Rhode Island has a graduated individual income tax system. Rates range from 3. As you can see, the cost of living in Rhode Island is expensive. So, how much do you need to make to afford to live there? Usually, your biggest monthly expense is housing costs like rent or a mortgage payment.

Experts recommend that you only spend 30 percent of your gross monthly income on rent. This general rule of thumb ensures that you have plenty of money left over after paying rent for other expenses like food and utilities.

So, some residents may struggle to follow the 30 percent rule and will need to spend more on housing. Our rent calculator can help you determine what you can afford to pay in rent based on your income, expenses and location. As you’ve seen, living in Rhode Island isn’t always cheap. Access to its scenic coastlines, fun cities and great cuisine requires a high income or flexibility with living outside the major cities.

But, since you can find lower rents in smaller cities and towns, you can enjoy Rhode Island’s charms at a variety of price points.

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