Does North Myrtle Beach have alligators? – .Are there alligators in Myrtle Beach?

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Does myrtle beach have alligators or crocodiles
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AdFind & Book the Best Things to Do in Myrtle Beach. Tours & Excursions in Myrtle Beach. Quick & Easy Purchase Process! Full Refund Available up to 24 Hours Before Your Tour DateThe most venerable and polished of the tour-and-activity sites. – BBC. Does Myrtle Beach have alligators or crocodiles? Alligators are indigenous to the Myrtle Beach area, and they typically live in our freshwater marshes and rivers, away from people. But, . Dec 14,  · Does Myrtle Beach have alligators or crocodiles? Alligators are indigenous to the Myrtle Beach area, and they typically live in our freshwater marshes and rivers, away from .


– Does myrtle beach have alligators or crocodiles


Lately, giant reptiles have also been seen a lot around the Grand Strand. Because alligators are so large with small legs, they prefer to travel in water, and with the recent dry weather in the past few months, they have been on the move. These creatures live in wetlands and swamps, but these environments are being destroyed through the development of homes, malls, and other structures. Should you see an alligator in the Grand Strand, be sure to observe from a safe distance, and always remember never to feed them.

Barefoot Landing, located at Hwy 17 S. North Myrtle Beach, SC, is a busy shopping, dining, and entertainment district in Myrtle Beach, but it offers much more than that. It runs along the Intracoastal Waterway in stunning North Myrtle Beach , where beauty and nature are combined.

You may also spend a few hours looking at the wildlife while window shopping at the retails stores around the area. Here, you will appreciate the best of both worlds; watching wildlife in their natural habitat, while enjoying the fine things that life has to offer as you shop and relax in this sanctuary. By all means, go out there and find the adventure of a lifetime.

Read More. Home to the best beaches, golf courses, and restaurants in the Home Blog Exploring South Carolina. The water around Myrtle Beach is not exactly infested with alligators, but they are around at times, so it is a good idea to be watchful and pay attention to your surroundings.

Since it is a crowded tourist area, officials keep alligators off the beach and away from tourists as much as possible. There was a fatality in the summer of in Myrtle Beach when an alligator attacked a year-old man and killed him. Alligators are considered opportunistic feeders, meaning they eat what is available and are able to adjust well.

Alligators were nearly extinct in the United States in due to overhunting and shrinking habitat. Due to wildlife management practices, there are a lot of alligators now in the United States and their population seems healthy.

Skip to content. What do alligators eat? Are alligators growing in the population? Frequently Asked Questions How many people are injured or killed by alligators each year?

These attacks are rare though. Since , there have been 21 people injured or killed in South Carolina by alligators. The fatality in Myrtle Beach was the first one in more than two decades. Alligators eat fish, turtles, snakes, birds, and small animals. They have been known to eat dogs. It is extremely rare for them to eat a human.

Alligators do not have to eat every day and do not eat as much as you might think. The S. Drought Response Committee, an arm of the S. Department of Natural Resources, recently designated that Horry County has reached the first level of drought conditions due to low levels of rain received since March.

Cavender explained that as we go through a drought, those bodies of water start to dry up, so the alligators seek out places to go where there is more water available, especially after heavy rains like thunderstorms. He also stressed that the creatures are not really interested at all in humans, so stay away from them and especially do not feed them.

They just have nowhere else to go, so just enjoy them. Edit Close. Buy Now.


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