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How many deer per square mile in north carolina
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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. In NC, which county has higer deer population per sq mile?

Thread starter flyingtigerusa Start date Nov 14, I hunt Chathem co. I only spot deer every 5 sit Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk.

Hunting Nut Old Mossy Horns. Usually Northhampton Co. It used to be listed in the reg. Book every year. Ambush Twelve Pointer. I only spot deer every 5 sit. Click to expand Check it out! Not sure on highest total but Allegheny is always near top in bucks harvest per sq mile. Thing is you may only see deer 1 every 5 sits but fellow in other part may be overrun because on better habitat. I hunt a countu that kills lot deer total but parts of county are worse than 1 every 5 sits seeing deer.

You cant go by that harvest per square mile. I hunted Northampton county in thier hay day. The deer hunting and harvest per square mile were good if you were near the Roanoke or Meherrin river.

You hunting near Conway or Seaboard then you were in an average area for all of NC. I have seen places in Harnett and Scotland that were great and go 2 miles away and the hunting just sucks. HotSoup Old Mossy Horns. I know for a fact chatham has the most suicidal deer Dan Apple Old Mossy Horns. Bailey Boat Twelve Pointer.

I’m confused nothing new is he seeing 5 deer per sit or 5 sits to see one deer?? From what I gather, 5 sits to see 1 deer. I’d like to find time for 5 sits. Homebrewale Old Mossy Horns. This year in Chatham, I’ve seen deer on every sit. Colekira Eight Pointer Contributor. I have high numbers of deer on cams in Forsyth and very low numbers in Montgomery. My money would go on Halifax County.

Scrub Ten Pointer Contributor. Any county can be boom or bust depending on location. One area I hunt its a rare day if I don’t see several deer where as 15 miles away at another area, ill hunt as many days not seeing a deer as I do days I see deer.

This fella needs come hunt western NC national forest I can go 10 sits without seeing a deer. Hunting Nut said:. MJ74 Old Mossy Horns. Its all about location, there are spots in Northampton and Halifax that you would be doing good to see 1 in every 5 sits.

I also know places where you will see alot of deer each sit. I read somewhere it’s Mecklenburg Co. Dolfan21 Ten Pointer. YanceyGreenhorn Still Not a Moderator. My backyard is full of them if ya’ll want to come sit by the fire and see several per sit Bailey Boat said:. I hope to buy a house like yours.

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