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Additionally, the salty, crispy corn chips paired well with the pulled pork and baked beans. Visitor Info. When taking a bite of the fresh blueberries, they provide a cool, healthy reprieve. The pork was tender and gently seasoned, marinated in five-spice. The appetizing combination of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream also helps you cool off.


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Add newsletters thegazette. Move over, pork chop on a stick. Instead of another sandwich, they thought outside the bun. Layered with coleslaw, baked beans, barbecue pulled pork, barbecue sauce and corn chips, each cup is garnished with a piece of pork belly cooked like candy with brown sugar.

Refreshing coleslaw starts the cup off well. The cool top layer melds with the baked beans, reminding me of tastes from a picnic, where the items on your overfilled plate inevitably run into each other.

Going deeper into the cup with each bite, you claw out a few shreds of pulled pork tightly packed under the coleslaw, bringing uniquely Iowa communion to your mouth.

Corn chips at the bottom of the cup are drawn up like Velcro stuck to the pork, adding a touch of salt to the finish. The product of pragmatic cooking with limited space at the fair, Rib Shack owner Joni Bell said they worked with what they already had to create this monstrous potato with a few new finishing touches.

Topping it all is a generous dollop of sour cream, green onion, and a barbecue butter that drips along the parts of the potato skin not claimed by other toppings. After figuring out which topping to sink your fork into first, the pork introduces you to the creamy macaroni and cheese.

Barbecue sauce adds a nice zest. Surprisingly, by the time I dug to the bottom of the treasure chest, I still wanted to eat the potato itself. The variety kept my mouth guessing what was next, without overwhelming me. With fond memories riding the Ring of Fire with his father, he wanted to create something as spicy as the ride made him feel, while staying within the confines of Midwestern palates.

Guacamole peeks out with bright eyes from underneath a soft brioche bun and dominates the first couple of bites with a mild, creamy texture. A touch of sweetness from the brioche bun shakes hands with the first bites of chorizo sausage, complemented nicely by pepper jack cheese. Then the guacamole comes back to ask if you need anything else.

A whiff of freshly toasted marshmallow hits me first as it wafted past the cool sensation of ice cream on a hot day. The ice cream offers a classic vanilla swirled with a decadent hot fudge. After a few bites, the vanilla wafer was perfectly soaked with the melted ice cream. After a hot day full of eating everything in sight, I have to say that a sandwich filled with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut and cream cheese did not sound like my idea of a good time.

But this sandwich was surprisingly good. In a more deconstructed form, it features a pickle on the outside of the pastrami rather than the inside — all stuffed into a brat bun. The shaved pastrami balanced well with the dressing and a polite finish from the cream cheese.

Oozing with simplicity, the cobbler is the star of the show as it stands up under the weight of fresh blueberries, ice cream and whipped cream.

Heavy is the cobbler head that wears the blueberry crown. A rich blueberry sauce at the bottom of the cup gives even more flavor, and the texture of sugar sprinkled on top of the cobbler snapped me out of my daydream. This sandwich had the longest line on the first day of the Iowa State Fair. The giant chicken breast was large, perfectly moist and crispy on the outside. Follow that up with a generous amount of gourmet BBQ sour cream and signature garlic rub butter. This is a meal that tastes like the Fair in one dish.

The Pork Picnic in a Cup is a twist on the classic summer picnic. A cup filled with layers of BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, creamy coleslaw and a drizzle of BBQ sauce, garnished with brown sugar pork belly. With the help of the Central Iowa Celiac Connection, see a list of specific vendors that offer gluten free options at the Iowa State Fair:.

Aug 11 – 21, Visit The Fair. Be Social with Us. Vendors Do you have a favorite food that you have to eat every year? Food on a Stick The saying “If you can find it at the Fair, you can find it on a stick” is true. The Best New Foods Finalists. My mission was simple, I wanted to try as many of the new state fair foods as my stomach handle.

I also wanted to see if my pre-rankings stood the test of time or if I would have to reorganize my new fair-food rankings, which were done sight unseen and without tasting them.

I tried three new fair-food finalists and two semi-finalists to determine the ultimate new fair food power ranking:. The Pork Picnic in a Cup was a great concept that was poorly executed. Iowans love walking tacos and this dish tried to replicate that concept but the Iowa Pork Tent fell short in recreating that magic. The Pork Picnic in a Cup starts with a corn chip base that is then topped with layers of beans, pulled pork, and coleslaw, and accessorized by a strip of brown-sugar pork belly.

With a walking taco, mixing up the ingredients is the best part and, unfortunately, the Pork Picnic in a Cup missed this memo. The cup was too narrow, meaning, at most, only two layers could be blended. Unlike the other foods on this list, I had no chance of eating all the layers in one bite. On the bright side, the tender pulled pork fused with the juicy baked beans were the perfect layers to have next to each other.

It felt like a hot summer day picnic plate when they mixed. It took too long to get the corn chips out of the bottom, but when I did, they were the ideal texture combination. Additionally, the salty, crispy corn chips paired well with the pulled pork and baked beans. The Pork Picnic in a Cup was an easy No. They all were tasty in their own ways. The positive aspect is this dessert was one of the best ones I have ever eaten at the Iowa State Fair. The Blue Ribbon Cobbler features a made-from-scratch biscuit covered with vanilla ice cream, fresh blueberries, and whipped cream.


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