List of All 50 US State Abbreviations – What is the postal abbreviation for Missouri?

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Missouri abbreviation
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Using Traditional State Abbreviations In other cases, you should use the traditional abbreviations, such as: when describing a person’s abbreviationn party affiliation for example, D-Miss. New Hampshire NH N. Virgin Islands VI V.

Missouri abbreviation

The state of Missouri is abbreviated as Mo. State, Abbreviation, Postal Code. Missouri, Mo. MO. Downloadable List of all 50 U.S. state names, abbreviations. So why is Tennessee abbreviated as TN instead of TE? Why is the abbreviation for Missouri MO when the word starts with “Mi?” Many postal abbreviations are from. Delaware, DE, Missouri, MO, Tennessee, TN. District of Columbia, DC, Montana, MT, Texas, TX. Florida, FL, Nebraska, NE, Trust Territories, TT.


Missouri abbreviation


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Business Lifestyle Travel. Sports Business. Coopersburg Sports Updates On Profits. Profit Updates: Precise Graphix. If you’re writing a letter or sending anything else through the mail, you should use the USPS state abbreviation.

If the situation isn’t listed here, you should use the entire capitalized state name. One example is when you’re writing about a state in running text, such as “I went to Wyoming over the summer.

Why is the abbreviation for Missouri MO when the word starts with “Mi? Most state abbreviations follow a pattern for shortening state names.

However, there are a few states that break the rules or are especially confusing. Some of these states of confusion include:. When all else fails, come up with a memorable mnemonic to help you think of the correct codes. For example, Hawaiians are so friendly that they always say “HI! The United States is a fascinating and diverse country, with each state very different from the next. Take a tour around the different regions of the U. Learning more about the United States of America can bring a new appreciation for the great democratic experiment.

Expand your knowledge with these famous American symbols and their histories. Finally, if you’re writing about the U. Staff Writer. All rights reserved. Thank you! US map of state abbreviations. Arkansas AR Ark. California CA Calif. Colorado CO Colo. Connecticut CT Conn. Delaware DE Del. Florida FL Fla. Georgia GA Ga. Indiana IN Ind. Kentucky KY Ky. Louisiana LA La. Massachusetts MA Mass. Michigan MI Mich. Minnesota MN Minn. Mississippi MS Miss.

Missouri MO Mo. Montana MT Mont. Nebraska NE Neb. Nevada NV Nev. Although an initial list of abbreviations for the state names was provided in June , some abbreviations had more than two letters which were still long.

The Post Office Department settled on the current list of abbreviations in October by issuing Publication Initially, the codes were optional tags and only became a standard for use when sending mails over time. These postal codes are slightly complicated because they do not follow a uniform pattern. For instance, some states use the first two letters on their names as the abbreviation, while others use the first and last letters.


Missouri abbreviation

People use state abbreviations all the time in everyday life and business.

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