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Truly this article is not for the soft-hearted people who are scared of the ghost. On the corner of the land, you find something, what we do? Push your camel harder to reach that place, and while moving faster and faster, the buildings start looking bigger and посмотреть больше. There is just a mile to go, and you see something is wrong in the town, you see large vacant buildings, so who will be staying???

The only occupants are the ghost of the past. Places given here are meant to be visited at least once in our lifetime to have nearest ghost town to my location experience that will last forever. Nearest ghost town to my location a reason, the Ghost town is abandoned may be the fear that the ghost is the scariest part of the emotion that can harm them. The ghost town is always abandoned because of the assumption that Ghost town might be a place where the ghost lives.

But in a literal sense, a place is called a ghost town when there is no economic activity, or there is a depletion in natural resources in that place, which has made the people of that place evacuate to their nearby towns and making that place a vacant dead land.

This disaster might be natural or human-made disasters nearest ghost town to my location floods, War, Nuclear disasters.

Sometimes environmental damage caused by human-made disasters like mining the nuclear infusion can also cause people to migrate from the area to other parts, and the place what l l mean abandoned.

According to the survey, a tourist who thinks to have a unique holiday vacation is ending up choosing ghost towns as their vacation spot. While people would opt to visit Ghost towns for a varied reason like one has to get away with the daily routine life of running behind the work and personal life and find a peaceful area. Or it might be because of curiosity that what was the history of a nearest ghost town to my location town as all ghost nearest ghost town to my location were once a booming place.

Town Bodie is a place located in Bodie hills to the east of Sierra Nevada. This place had become a boom town in after the discovery of a profitable line of gold. Bodie town had nearly 10, residents in the s with almost buildings, and it was the second-largest city in nearest ghost town to my location This town got its name by a man named Waterman S.

Body, who coincidently discovered small amounts of gold. The gold mine was closed inand after that consistent decline in the civilization lead to declaring Town Bodie into a ghost town in The things that attract you at this place are the Body cemetery, which has 80 headstones of locals who lived and died in the town, Buildings of Bodie, which gives a tourist glimpse of the gold rush in the city and business that were running in the town.

Bodie Store is a book store in a ghost town, and they sell luxury cabins for rent in asheville nc about the ghost town and also one can ask for maps of the town and also cemetery that was alive in the town.

The names itself explain the gold mining, which, is famous in Arizona. People love to visit these places because it is famous for reenactments, wagon rides, activities and to explore the charming beauty of the city. The goldfield is situated between the 2-small hill, Superstition Mountain, and Goldfield mountain. The Gold here was discovered in When the new miners arrived in the city, the goldfield has boomed, and the supply was vast. Due to the more miners the quality of the gold dropped, and hence the Miners moved on.

And then, after the entry приведу ссылку George young in Arizona, who was a governor, brought new mining methods, and then the goldfield slowly came back to its position. So now we know why it was called a Gold Field Ghost Town. You have beautiful bird watching the view and the superstition ziplining to travel and explore more about the place.

The Calico Ghost town was a silver mining town before which is situated in the san Bernandino county; the closest civilization near Calico is 3 miles away in Barstow and 3 miles away in Yermo. It was a silver mining town during the s, which saw its decline in s due to drop in the silver nearest ghost town to my location. But after 60 years, the restoration of the town started by Walter Knott, but even today, one can see the original buildings that were there during Calico Civilization. Now nearest ghost town to my location is converted as a country park and known by the same name, Calico Ghost town.

Tourists can take a glimpse of the old post office, school, and a silver mine, Maggie mine, which is only to silver mine that is safe for a tourist to see. One can opt for a guided tour that dog friendly colorado springs you through the history, civilization, equipment used, and also the technique used during those nearest ghost town to my location for mining.

Tourists can also take part in a spooky ghost tour. Hashima is commonly called Gunkanjima, which means Battleship island in Japanese language, and this island is 15 km away from the city of nuclear disaster Nagasaki.

Hashima is a reminder of the forced labor that was performed during world war 2. The primary reserve in Hashima was the coal mine, which was started inand island had reached its highest population of in But when the coal depletion started in and people started to move out, this island became abandoned.

In Junethere was the national park service, which took over many popular buildings nearest ghost town to my location the lands in the historic town, and that is Kennecott in Alaska. It is one of the towns which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Copper in Kennecott. While exploring the greatest glacier, Jacksmith and Clarence Warren founded the richest amount of copper, and this is how the copper mining became very famous in Kennecott.

After nearest ghost town to my location know the history now, it is time to take our visitors to know the things that one can do in Kennecott, Alaska. The most adventurous things to do are Glacier trekking, Whitewater Rafting and more. You can visit anytime between May to September. The place would be waiting for tourists to explore and know about the place. The Virginia city is much of a live ghost town in Virginia City. There are no more colorful pioneer mining camp exist here.

Virginia city is a beautiful area; this is located at the natural beauty, recreation, and entertainment. This city has a well-preserved gold mining town, which is just 20 miles west of Yellowstone national park. Before in this city is meant to have a population ofbut now the current, is just because of the exploitation in county fairgrounds of events gold mining and when gold mining started declining there was still enough left so that many homes and business are occupied, but the effort to restructure this city went into ruin.

And now people here are either dependant on the tourist attraction or travel to other cities for their daily needs.

There are a lot of guided tours that offer a tour guide to Virginia city /476.txt Nevada, and one can explore the historic dressing style, their working skills, and also the old technique used for gold mining. These demonstrations are good to see for all ages. Tourists can also experience the oldest operational Opera house, Live music and brewer follies in Virginia city. If you have plans of visiting Yellowstone park, then make sure you at least have a day time to explore the stunning ghostliest town in the city of Montana.

The Ordos, which is also known as Kangbashi was once a gold rush and cash town. Coal Mining was the boom and became very famous, where government had vision to make an epic center for culture and their economy. There were around 1 million residents and plans of accommodating at least 3 million people; by this vision, local government keeps borrowing and borrowing money to build more and more buildings, but as bad luck it has become waiting city where nearest ghost town to my location did not migrate to ordos.

A good trip to Ordo would say as nearest ghost town to my location matter of boldness where one can see the school, different apartments, and a hospital which is greeted by a security guard who looks rejoiced by finally seeing someone. The Ordos has приведу ссылку big schools to serve thousands of students, but it is serving only hundreds, to the matter nearest ghost town to my location fact ordos even do have a spaceship-shaped airport to visit the strangest place in china.

And again, this is also one of the Ghostliest towns in the world, out of which we should take a chance to travel. The Pripyat is a ghost town located near northern Ukraine, near to Ukraine — Belarus border. The name has come because of the place nearby Pripyat River.

The city was proclaimed in the yearand the population was about by the time it was evacuated on the afternoon of April 27,because of the explosion of the nuclear reactor called Chernobyl disaster Nuclear accident.

The result of the explosion is such horrible that nature has taken the city completely because of the radiation that has come from the explosion. If you have planned to visit Pripyat ghost nearest ghost town to my location individually, then my answer is NO. Only a guided tour is an option to explore Pripyat ghost town. Even if you are going with a guided tour, there are lot of safety measures that should be considered during your travel like a long sleeve top, long pants, and closed shoes.

This place in Ukraine will sure give nearest ghost town to my location a продолжить experience on your trip. For a reason, all the ghost towns tell you a story of disaster and remind about the tragic events that have occurred in the place once a while. Visiting this place will teach all the tourists about the history of these ghostliest places, how the situation went wrong and those places were re-born. The people who visit these places are meant to experience challenges, braveness, adventure and knowledge sharing of a past and the present.

So, my recommendation for the tourists to plan their trip accordingly to visit at least one of the ghostliest places in the world. This gives the lifetime memory which reminds you about the challenges taken in your life and surely a cherishable moment for all the age groups.

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Ghost towns: once thriving communities that have dwindled over the decades. Some vanished entirely or were absorbed into newer settlements, but many of these towns still stand, at least in part, allowing us glimpses of what these now-abandoned places once were. There are 11 ghost towns within 50 miles of Hoover.

There are 4 ghost towns within 50 miles of Anchorage. There are 24 ghost towns within 25 miles of Prescott Valley. There are 15 ghost towns within 50 miles of Fort Smith. There are 71 ghost towns within 25 miles of Bakersfield.

There are 14 ghost towns within 25 miles of Colorado Springs. There are 6 ghost towns within 50 miles of Wilmington. There are 20 ghost towns within 25 miles of Saint Petersburg.

There are 6 ghost towns within 50 miles of Honolulu. There are 7 ghost towns within 50 miles of Boise City. Rocky Bar, Elmore County J. There are 11 ghost towns within 25 miles of Waukegan. There are 12 ghost towns within 25 miles of West Lafayette. There are 22 ghost towns within 50 miles of Dubuque.

There are 20 ghost towns within 25 miles of Lawrence. There are 13 ghost towns within 50 miles of Baton Rouge. There are 10 ghost towns within 50 miles of Gaithersburg. There are 5 ghost towns within 25 miles of Holyoke. There are 16 ghost towns within 50 miles of Novi.

There are 14 ghost towns within 50 miles of Rochester. Charles County contains the most, with 4. There are 10 ghost towns within 25 miles of Kansas City. There are 19 ghost towns within 50 miles of Bozeman. There are 6 ghost towns within 50 miles of Lincoln. There are 13 ghost towns within 50 miles of Henderson. There are 6 ghost towns within 50 miles of Nashua.

There are 3 ghost towns within 25 miles of Newark. There are 6 ghost towns within 50 miles of Albuquerque. There are 7 ghost towns within 50 miles of Troy. There are 5 ghost towns within 50 miles of Asheville. There are 5 ghost towns within 50 miles of Bismarck. There are 10 ghost towns within 50 miles of Lancaster. There are 11 ghost towns within 25 miles of Norman. There are 13 ghost towns within 50 miles of Keizer.

There are 71 ghost towns within 50 miles of Pittsburgh. There are 3 ghost towns within 50 miles of Greenville. There are 51 ghost towns within 25 miles of Rapid City. There are 25 ghost towns within 25 miles of New Braunfels.

There are 13 ghost towns within 25 miles of Lehi. There are 11 ghost towns within 50 miles of Richmond. There are 14 ghost towns within 25 miles of Auburn. There are 11 ghost towns within 50 miles of Charleston.

There are 20 ghost towns within 25 miles of Racine. There are 5 ghost towns within 50 miles of Cheyenne. Scroll down to find out. Peter Ling Professor of American Studies. Ghost towns are primarily associated with the Wild West frontier and people flocking to areas with valuable mineral resources, including gold and silver in the Rockies and oil in Texas.

Just as it was important that the mines of Colorado and California could ship their riches out by rail, the vast cattle ranches of western plains needed to reach the rail head to turn their steers into cash. So the majority of ghost towns date from the period of westward expansion and industrialization.

Great Plains states such as Kansas, Oklahoma and the Dakotas have the ruins of farming communities destroyed by the Dust Bowl and economic downturns of the s.

In recent decades, heritage tourism has given some ghost towns a second chance to thrive, attracting visitors from around the world. Named by German prospectors who came looking for gold, Berlin was a company mining town. Established in the s, the town was largely abandoned by the s after the mine closed in response to strike action. The well-preserved structures are now part of Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, known for fossil discoveries of a prehistoric marine mammal.

Nearest city Hawthorne, NV. The mines were depleted by and the town largely abandoned. Since the s, the town has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. Nearest city McCarthy, AK. It also served as a prison during the Civil War, then became a quarantine station and a navy refuelling point before it was abandoned in due to hurricane damage. Fort Jefferson has been a National Monument since and is open to tourists.

It continues to be the largest brick structure in the U. Nearest city Key West, FL. In the s Garnet was a thriving mining town with a population of over a thousand served by up to 13 saloons. The community emptied as miners left for World War I. A revival of gold mining in the s was halted by World War II, and the town has been abandoned ever since.

Around 30 buildings remain today, and an annual Garnet Day allows visitors to experience life in this 19th-century mining town. Nearest city Missoula, MT. Established as a mining camp in , Bodie boomed after sizable gold discoveries during the s.

The town was in decline by the s; the newspaper ceased publication in , and the railway was abandoned in The last mine closed in as dynamite and other resources were redirected towards the war effort. Today, the town is open to visitors with around structures still standing. Nearest city Bridgeport, CA. This well-preserved ghost town attracted over 2, residents by the s, when gold and silver mining were at their peak.

However, increasingly poor quality ore sent the town into decline by the end of the decade. A new mine temporarily revived prospects in the s, but the industry abandoned the town for good in A few inhabitants remain and its picturesque setting is a favorite summer tourist destination. Nearest city Buena Vista, CO. Castle Dome was established as a mining camp in and at one point attracted more than 3, residents. In the long run, the mines became profitable as they supplied lead for bullet manufacturing during both World Wars.

The last mine was operating as recently as the s, but has since been converted into a museum. Nearest city Yuma, AZ. After a flood in , the residents of Harrisville named after settler, Moses Harris relocated upriver to form Harrisburg. Problems, including drought, led to the departure of much of the population and the town was effectively abandoned by Interstate 15 runs through the site of the town, structures of which are still visible.

The last intact building is the Orson B. Adams Home, named for its original inhabitant, which has been maintained and restored by the Bureau of Land Management. Nearest city St. George, UT. Founded in , Bannack was briefly the capital of Montana.

Up to 10, people lived in the surrounding area, hoping to make their fortune in gold, but by all the easy-to-reach ore was gone and the population rapidly declined to the hundreds.

Newly developed electric dredging methods led to a brief revival after , but by the s the town was deserted. Today, about 60 intact structures remain. Nearest city Dillon, MT. It was initially established in the s after gold, silver and copper discoveries, and in a rock quarry opened to provide ballast for the railways. Since the surviving buildings have intermittently been open as a tourist attraction.

Nearest city Lordsburg, NM. Nearby ghost towns Shakespeare, NM.


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Nearest city. McCarthy, AK. Map showing the location of Kennicott. Fort Jefferson. Ontario Ghost Town Map – Google My Maps. Ghost towns in Ontario that we have visited if accessible. To navigate, press the arrow keys.


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