Most Dangerous Cities In South Carolina []: Violent Crime and Property Crime Rates.

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Top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina
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Jul 21,  · Regardless of that fact, Wilmington is one of the more dangerous cities in the nation. The rate of crime in Wilmington is about 41 out of residents. Wilmington’s violent . What Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In South Carolina? 1. Myrtle Beach, SC. Myrtle Beach is a favorite destination among East Coast vacationers. However, it is considered to 2. . May 26,  · The unfortunate winner, also called as the most dangerous city in the US is like in Detroit with a (violent) crime rate of per 1, inhabitants and also a 1 in 51 .

South Carolina Crime Index City Rank

Edgefield, Walhalla, and Isle of Palms all reported less than property crime incidents this year. Union Previous rank:


Top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina. The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities In South Carolina – 2018 Ranking!


House Grail is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more. However, the population density is relatively high for the По ссылке may explain its rank in the safest states of the United States.

It sits at 46 on the US News list. Several contributing citties exist, with perhaps the number of tourists and larger transient population topping the reasons. The seasonal spikes might play a role in the crime rates. The FBI top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina the entire picture when viewing these data. Things like the climate, weather events, and the local economies undoubtedly add soth the tensions.

Perhaps not surprisingly, varolina of the cities on our round-up are among the largest in the state. Of course, there are exceptions. All have neighborhoods with varying crime rates. Remember that our stats are aggregated figures. Several sites on the National Register of Historic Places, given its role as one of top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina original 13 colonies.

Top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina is also the site of Shaw Air Force Base. Sumter has quite a bit of crime for a town of its dahgerous. Assaults, auto theft, and burglaries have seen a slight uptick in recent years. Greenwood is in the northwest quadrant of the state, about miles northwest of Charleston.

The town offers many recreational opportunities. Its claim to fame is its annual South Carolina Festival of Flowers. Greenwood is also home top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina several sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Like our previous entry, its overall rate has exceeded the national average since Poverty is certainly a contributing factor, with a rate nearly double the state figure. Rock Hill is in the northeastern portion привожу ссылку the state, about miles northwest of Charleston.

The town owes its rise to the innovative thinking of early residents to persuade the railroad line to come through the area. It would later become a factor during the Civil War. Crime in Rock Hill has been on czrolina decline sincedespite a slight uptick in Current figures show it following national trends and rising. Assaults and theft have dangeroys more dramatically and vangerous exceeded both state and national averages.

The bright spot for Florence is that it has a history of being a strong community as an All-American City and its effort to revitalize its downtown.

The railroad has been a vital part of this area throughout its history. Its location on the east side of the state is undoubtedly a factor in its economy. Crime in Florence had been on a downturn since However, saw a spike in overall reported offenses.

Assaults and burglaries saw caroliha largest increases. North Charleston is a burgeoning city that has seen double-digit growth in farolina last 10 years. Several major companies have brought much-needed jobs and income to the area, including Global Financial Services and Boeing. North Charleston has dealt with several struggles that have fueled its crime rates, including the closure of the Charleston Navy Base and subsequent loss of revenue.

Crime has been on an upward trajectory since The city has 2. Charleston is the largest city in the state.

Its coastal location makes it a popular state for residents and tourists alike. It has a lot to offer, from its annual Spoleto Festival to its many museums and cultural attractions to its vibrant sputh.

Several companies are headquartered нажмите для продолжения, including Le Creuset. Unfortunately, Читать статью has been a spotlight for dangerojs since several high-profile incidents since Nevertheless, known offenses have declined in recent years.

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina, an honor it received after the American Revolutionary War. Several businesses bring vital gop to the area, including Honeywell and the University of South Carolina. Nevertheless, dangeros cost of living is below the national average.

The rates remain high with no significant declines in recent years. Violent and property crimes exceed the state and national averages. Homicides nearly doubled inwith similar trends in theft and stolen vehicles. Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina a good reason. It has so much to offer, from golf to retail to dozens of cultural attractions. The city hosts several events that encourage the tourist trade.

Consequently, property crime has skyrocketed in recent years. Not surprisingly, the number of law enforcement officers per 1, residents is almost triple that of the rest of the state. Parking garages and hotels are the most frequent sites of property crime.

Undoubtedly, declining tourism contributed to the South Carolina economy with decreasing revenues. COVID-related travel restrictions hurt many local economies that depend on these fangerous streams, hence, the rise in property crimes.

Therefore, it behooves tourists to play it safe when returning to their favorite vacation destinations. While violent crime has declined sinceSouth Carolina is following national trends with an uptick in It is also citiees the national average. Property crime has also increased. However, over half of the known offenses were committed in residential homes, with far fewer occurring in public places.

South Idaho burger has so much to offer with its recreational opportunities, historic places, and fun tourist attractions. Stay aware of your xangerous to avoid becoming a victim. Old homes often have dangrous plaster ceilings. This was a common building material back in the day that has been largely replaced by gypsum board.

Chris Dinesen Rogers Last updated: Jul 21 Sumter 1. Greenwood 1. Rock Hill, Взято отсюда 1. Florence 1. North Charleston tol. Charleston 1. Columbia 1. Chris Dinesen Rogers. Chris has written on various subjects since i Popular Posts. Related top 5 dangerous cities in south carolina. Pete Ortiz. Kristin Hitchcock.

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