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After Edith — one of the cult members — died, Marie claimed she could bring her back to life. But eventually, after police raided the mysterious religious settlement, Marie admitted that Edith had been cremated years before. Afte Marie died in , the commune became private property. You can still see the sign for “Marie’s Place:” the entrance to her “Inner Portal,” where members would supposedly be saved during the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But these buildings were actually once part of a one-family house: a 2,foot “dome home” that was built in and fitted with state-of-the-art solar panels. In , owners Bob and Margaret Lee sold the dome home, but regained it in in foreclosure. After being pummeled by multiple hurricanes over the years, the state declared the unique dome home uninhabitable in In , the dome home was once again heavily damaged — this time by Hurricane Irma — but most of the buildings are still intact.

The Vulture Mine and the surrounding ghost town are considered one of the most haunted spots in Arizona. The mine opened in during the height of the gold rush. Vulture City, home to around 5, residents, led to the development of agriculture in the area. The town was abandoned in after the mines were shut down for regulatory offenses.

The most eerie part of the town is the hanging tree, where 18 miners were said to have been hanged in the late 19th century for stealing gold. Today, you can take guided tours of the supposedly haunted area.

The Houston Astrodome — when it opened in — was the first domed multi-purpose sports venue in America.

In , the last ticketed entertainment to call the Astrodome home — a rodeo show — left as well. Since then, the stadium has remained empty , except as a refuge center during natural disasters. City officials have been trying to come up with plans to renovate or come up with a new use for the space, but plans haven’t moved forward.

Disney’s wilderness-themed water park operated from until and is actually one of multiple abandoned theme parks on the Walt Disney World property. The park resembled Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer Island with rope swings, a “swimmin’ hole,” flume rides, and a natural sandy beach for guests.

River Country first closed at the end of the warm weather season in , and in , Disney announced that it would never re-open again. No explicit reason was ever given for its closing, but fans speculate that it was closed for safety concerns after several accidents in the park. River Country was recently the subject of photographer Seph Lawless’ creepily unsettling photo series “Dismaland.

These strange-looking structures were supposed to be used as computer manufacturing facilities in the late s and early s, but the project was never completed. Locals warn curious tourists to stay away from the domes because they supposedly have been the site of satanic rituals. Despite the warnings, the domes have attracted attention, thanks to their appearance on an episode of The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.

In late , the city announced that the domes were a safety hazard and could be demolished soon. Rhyolite is one of Nevada’s largest ghost towns that was formed in during the Gold Rush. But like most Gold Rush towns, the rush was short-lived. The mines closed in and the town was abandoned by Rhyolite used to be one of the most crowded towns in the Death Valley area, with a red light district, a hospital, a school for children, 50 saloons, and a three story bank considered a very tall building for its time.

The abandoned town has been restored multiple times for Western movies over the years. If you visit Rhyolite now, you’ll see the remains of the bank, the town jail, and the restored Bottle House , a house made from 50, glass beer bottle bottoms. The original architect Tom Kelly built his house out of beer bottles because there were not many other construction materials in the desert town. Bannerman Castle was built on Pollepel Island by the wealthy military goods salesman Francis Bannerman, who bought the island in In , he began construction on his extravagant Scottish-style castle.

Bannerman lived in the castle with his wife during the summers, and also used his new home as a military weapons arsenal.

In , Francis Bannerman died, and in , Bannerman Castle was practically destroyed in a gunpowder explosion. Between that accident and arsonists setting fires over the years, the castle’s facade was ruined.

Today, you can take a tour of the island through a kayaking tour or hard hat walking tour. In the early 20th century, Waverly Hills was built as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients.

The sanatorium was in use before doctors had found a cure for the disease, so over the years, thousands of patients allegedly died painful deaths from experimental treatments. Waverly Hills was also the site of two suicides that both took place in the same room. The hospital finally closed in and today the building is known, unsurprisingly, as one of the most haunted places on earth. Many visitors have reported eerie ghost sightings and other paranormal activities. Waverly Hills has been featured on dozens of ghost hunter TV shows.

If you’re brave enough, you can schedule a tour of the sanatorium. Alabama’s first state capital was a thriving town along the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers in the early 19th century.

Alabama officials soon realized that Cahawba was not the best location for the state government headquarters because the area was prone to flooding, and the capital was moved for safety reasons. During the Civil War , the Confederate government ripped up Cahawba’s railroad and seized control of the town as a central location for Union prisoners. After the war, a flood destroyed much of the town, and it was abandoned. The three-story train terminal opened in , and at the time, it was the tallest railroad station in the world, with foot ceilings, chandeliers and foot Corinthian columns.

This hobby motivates people with the wonder of discovering something rare. Living history is in your backyard. In most cities and rural areas, there are abandoned hospitals, asylums, factories, even castles that await exploration. The location of these sites makes this hobby accessible to anyone who dares to go see it for themselves. Killer Urbex Note: It is important to note that many of these locations are in an extremely delicate state. Specifics on the locations are not given purposefully to ensure these abandoned places stay as vandalism and destruction-free as possible.

Take only photos, leave only footprints. How much more exciting urbex would be if you could only find your own abandoned places? Well, you have come to the right place. There are a few tips we will share with you about finding abandoned sites for exploration. Online are many websites devoted to urbex. Since it has exploded in popularity, urban explorers have filled the internet with pictures and videos of abandoned places all over the world. Even if you are not free to physically travel to the site, you can enjoy it online through the lens of the urbex blogger.

Maybe add your own explorations online as well. One of the easiest ways to find sites to explore is by using the website Flickr. Flickr is a website where people share their photography online. How useful is that! First, find Flickr. When there, search for urban exploration or urbex and you will see lists of hundreds of groups of urban explorers.

Click on any group you like. Some groups are location-specific, you may find one in your area. Browse around. You can locate some really cool sites.

Search urban explorers, or urbex forums online. People from all over the world like to post their latest urbex adventure. Many of their posts include pictures and the location of the site. Many have directories where you easily choose the location-specific data you seek. They are all free to check out.

Remember, even as a newbie, you have access to the same resources and tools as experienced urbex. The biggest resource available is Google, of course. Google Maps, more specifically, is ideal for hunting locations. Use keyword-specific requests to locate sites near you.

Learn more about finding abandoned places with Google Maps. Hidden in the United States are many interesting abandoned sites awaiting exploration. From asylums to prison camps, breweries to an old power plant, historically relevant or not, all hold interest to the urban explorer. Seeking out these sights, long ago abandoned, and investigating first hand the remains of the building, is the heart of urbex.

Standing in the quiet stillness of ruin, enveloped in the vibrations of its past life, one can only imagine the lives touched by the site. For better or for worse, their lives were changed. The urban explorer seeks out places such as these listed herein. The Arctic Discoverer sits in mud, languishing forgotten in an old boatyard just south of Jacksonville, Florida. Its current condition is in stark contrast to its once-famous past. The Arctic Discoverer was instrumental in the recovery of the largest shipwreck treasure in recent history.

On September 9 the ship found itself trapped in a hurricane off the coast of South Carolina. No alarm was sounded since the ship was large and built to weather the storm.

The ship performed admirably for two days but by the 11th of September with the drive shaft broken the ship floundered, taking on water. A nearby vessel, The Marine, rescued lives, but the SS Central America sank with passengers and the 21 tons of gold cargo onboard.

Fast forward to , when treasure hunter Tommy Thompson made a concerted effort to locate the wreck, and the gold, which had been sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for over years. But the big payday never came.

And from there, the story gets even more enjoyable. Check it out! This mountaintop amusement park opened in and had many successful years before its closure in Wildly popular through the s and 80s, it is now an abandoned ghost town ripe for urban exploration. Plans made for a major renovation and reopening of the park stalled in brought and the grand reopening never happened.

This property now stands empty, awaiting a new owner to bring it back to life. The park was modeled after real western ghost towns and featured hourly live-action shows. Bad guys shooting it out with the sheriff, damsels in distress, and the live-action saloon made this park a family favorite. Ghost Town in The Sky was aptly named. The park stands at an elevation of 4, feet, atop Buck Mountain, in the Smokey Mountains. The Old West Street is still intact, and all the buildings still have their original furnishings.

In the Silver Dollar Saloon, you will still find the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Urban explorers will delight in the exploration of this authentic old west experience. Once the largest facility for the mentally ill in the state of Washington, the Northern State Hospital was a city unto itself.

Established in , the hospital was intended to be a safe and therapeutic colony for the patients. Relying heavily on occupational therapy as its main treatment modality, the patients maintained the hospital, the farm, and several associated production facilities. The hospital site included patient and staff housing, a water reservoir, sewage treatment facilities, lumber mill, quarry, steam plant, greenhouse, library, laundry, dining room, bakery, dairy, and a acre farm for growing vegetables and raising livestock.

A cemetery is also included in the site plan. In addition to the therapeutic effects of manual labor, patients were subjected to many less than ethical treatments as well, such as lobotomies, electro-shook therapy, and sterilizations. All of which doctors at the time thought would cure mental illness. At its peak, the hospital held more than 2, patients. As part of the trend toward community treatments and deinstitutionalization, the facilities were closed in Parts of the campus are still being using today for Job Corps training and a drug treatment program.

You can also explore the cemetery onsite, the resting place of former patients. Agnes Catholic Church now stands abandoned. Constructed in , the church was at the center of a densely populated area of the city.

The parish grew rapidly, as did the surrounding community. By the 50th anniversary, the church had grown so large as to require three priests and 22 nuns to run the parish and the Catholic girls school adjacent to the church.

But soon, things would change for the worse for the church and the community. In , racial tensions and violent riots burned most of the 12th Street neighborhood, but St. Agnes escaped the flames. By the s, the area began to experience the loss of thousands of jobs in the automobile industry. In there were only families still worshipping there, not enough to cover the operating costs of such a large church. The Diocese put the church up for sale, but the new owner never took possession.

It has stood open to the elements and vandals, a gothic wonder to behold. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, visit the abandoned subterranean Titan 1 Missile silo site located in Deer Creek, Colorado, a minute drive from Denver. A relic of the Cold War, the Titan 1 missile silos once housed Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles designed to carry a nuclear warhead to another continent.

These sites were only active from — , replaced by a more efficient delivery system, the Titan II. After decommissioning the sites in , the government removed all the equipment and passed the sites onto new owners leaving behind a maze of underground tunnels in the Rocky Mountains foothills.

The foot deep shaft is 55 feet wide, supported by a network of underground tunnels, fuel storage tanks, filtration systems, and much more. Be sure to see the 3-ton blast doors rusting on their hinges. Arrests of several people for trespassing at this site, so be ready to assume entry risks. With no electric power or natural light, the silo is housed in pitch blackness. Bring a strong flashlight and a backup to navigate the treacherous passageways.

While there is no risk of radiation exposure, the place is full of rust, asbestos, and other chemicals, so wear a mask with filtration. With a mine founded in the s that produced gold, silver, lead, zinc, and copper, Ruby officially became a town when it opened its first post office in Wild West history buffs aren’t the only people interested in Ruby, true crime aficionados and nature lovers should be fascinated with Ruby as well. The town and the surrounding area were the sites of three horrific double homicides known as the Ruby Murders.

These led to one of the largest manhunts in Southwest history , according to Legends of America. Of the crime, the judge at the time, Judge W. O’Connor reportedly said, “The crimes of which you have been convicted are perhaps the cruelest ever committed in Arizona. Let the punishment that awaits you serve as a warning to others who may contemplate the commission of similar crimes.

The mines are now home to an enormous colony of Mexican free-tail bats. The giant cloud of bats can be seen rushing from the mine entrances at sundown during the summer. Officially abandoned in , the remains of Ruby now reside on private land and remains one of the best-preserved western towns in the US.

Founded in , Wittenoom was born as a mining town in Western Australia. The nearby gorge was brimming with blue asbestos, an important raw building material in the early 20th century. By the early s, Wittenoom was the largest town in Pilbara region. Amid growing health concerns, the declining demand for asbestos led to the mine closing in with most of the residents moving away to find other work, according to ABC.

Wittenoom was officially closed in and the Australian government took steps to limit access to the former mining town and removed it from all official maps. Due to the nature of the mining that took place there, asbestos fibers are still found in the topsoil and air around Wittenoom making it dangerous to spend too much time in the town. According to a documentary released in December , just one resident remains. It isn’t often that a tourist destination frequented by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, and Brigitte Bardot becomes a ghost town.

But that’s exactly what happened to the Varosha section of Famagusta in Cyprus. Throughout the early s, Varosha was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, according to BBC. In , Turkey invaded Cyprus. As the opposing Turkish and Greek armies descended on the area around Varosha, the residents fled for their lives. It has been fenced off, and nobody but military and UN personnel are allowed into the once beautiful tourist destination.

There have been numerous attempts to broker a deal that will once again open up Varosha, but nothing has been agreed upon. Now, the high rises and beaches of Varosha that are slowly being retaken by nature from the far side of the military fence. President Saparmurat Niyazov planned to create a “golden era of Turkmenistan” in with the building of Ashgabat. Miller left the state and the zoo animals were relocated elsewhere. That eventually burned down and the place has been abandoned ever since.

Today you can explore the ruins of the old cottages, the burned down gas station as well as the Apache death cave itself. Picher was formed in the early s as massive deposits of zinc and lead ore where discovered on the land. The demand for zinc and lead has high and lasted all the way through both World Wars.

Picher is one of the more modern ghost towns in the USA. During this time, there was no regulations restricting mining, or any environmental protections to protect the land and people of Picher. Slowly large chat piles formed as they were removed from the mines during zinc and lead extraction. The residents would slowly find out that this chat would be responsible for their contaminated drinking water as well as their air quality.

As people began to get sick and underground mine collapses created massive sinkholes, the towns population quickly diminished. A few residents stuck it out and refused to leave.

In a tornado ripped though what remained of the battered mining down and destroyed much of what was left. By all remaining residents were offered federal aid to relocate as the town was deemed uninhabitable. The chat piles still remain and you can find a few empty home tucked away in the corners of former communities.

You can read more about the story of Picher here. On the edge of death valley sits the ghost town of Rhyolite, which rose just as fast at is fell. Founded in it was built primarily for miners who were chasing the dream of striking it big in the Bullfrog Mining District.

Industrialist Charles Schwab bought the nearby mine and heavily invested in electricity, piped water, telephone systems, and even a stock exchange. These investments contributed greatly to the rapid growth of Rhyolite. But by investors were hesitant to continue their contributions, as massive earthquakes just hit San Fransisco and the panic of was in full swing. By the last mine was closed, nine years later the population would fall from , to zero.

Ever since the town has sat empty and decaying. Goldfield sits between the Superstition Mountains and was a classic boomtown during the gold rush era. The promise of riches brought in miners from every corner of the state. The mining continued on for five years until the gold ore dried up. Most miners moved on, but some stubborn ones stayed, insisting there was more that was missed. By , everyone was gone. Today the town is mostly a tourist attraction with zip-lines, restaurants, and train rides.

Many of the buildings have been restored, but in my opinion the place feels too much like an amusement park, and less like a ghost town. Legend has it that the mineral cinnabar which contains mercury, was used by natives to create hieroglyphs. Due to the mines running dry earlier than expected, and an overall lack of funding, the mining operations were cut short and the town around it fell into a state of disrepair. Miners left and took their families with them.

By , the town was vacant. There are some original structures that still stand to this day. The ghost town of Thurmond is nestled away in the hills of West Virginia and as of only had 5 people living there. Captain W. D Thurmond of the confederate army was awarded a hunk of land for completing a series of surveying jobs for the army. There were two hotels, a bank, and even a red light district in Thurmond.

The town was built right around the railway and was only accessible via train up until In the Dun Glen hotel burned to the ground, and marked the decline of the town.

Over the years less people stopped by, or settled down in the region and the slow burn of Thurmond began. It is free to explore and currently owned by the Thurmond Historic District.

The best time to visit is fall, when all the leaves are changing. The swampy town of Bulowville was first carved out of the Flordia coastline in It was more of a plantation full of slaves. A merchant by the name of Charles Burlow used slave labor to clear acres of land to plant rice, cotton, and cane sugar crops. This was no small operation, and required the use of men, women and children to complete. There was also a community hall where the slaves sung songs, and passed on hidden messages to each other.

In tensions and violence between the Seminole tribes and white settlers peaked at an all time high. Florida was on cusp of the Second Seminole War. Burlow disagreed with the decision to move the natives west of the Mississippi, so he did what any reasonable person would and fired a cannon at the state militia commanders home.

He was arrested for his actions, but released shortly after.



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Sep 06,  · Like many ghost towns in the US, St. Elmo (originally called Forrest City) was once a thriving gold and silver mining community. When the gold and silver ran out and . Sep 01,  · 19 Of The Most Fascinating Abandoned Places In The United States 1. Bodie State Historic Park – Bridgeport, California. On the border of California and Nevada, there . Sep 29,  · Abandoned Towns Across America You Can Actually Visit Kennecott, Alaska. All that glitters may not be gold, but it can still make you a fortune. Copper lured brave miners to .


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Ride a train between the two cities where you can witness early settlers struggle to по ссылке and actual historic events through living history shows the sua of Red Yeager, anyone? Bankhead, Canada. More From Travel.

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