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Jersey Accent. The actual Northern NJ accent today is a mellowed version of a New York Accent, which in itself has its origins in the original British accent. As NY was a Tory region for so long. With So many hundreds of thousands of people moving to and from the NYC metro area every year, The traditional Jersey Accent has all but disappeared.

The most argued accent in the country. A lot of people in New Jersey dont have the accent. But a lot of the state do, some thicker than most.

Most of the south part of the state don’t have an accent and also in North West jersey where the accent isn’t as common. The accent is similar to the NY accent but at times there is a distinct difference that most people cannot tell apart.

No one says Joisey for the record, it is just a myth.. New Jersey accent. The bitter irony in all of this is the sobering fact that people who AREN’T from New Jersey say “Joi-Zee,” believing that their unfounded stereotype is how everyone in NJ says “Jersey” Perplexingly, this means that, in reality, they are stereotyping themselves. Hey, I hear your from Joi-zee! Way to fuckin’ go! You just failed to grasp what a New Jersey accent is! High five! I dont know how this myth got started, but it just dosent exist.

People from south, central, and north Jersey have different accents. People from south Jersey are more likely to say the word “daughter” as “daater”, while people from north Jersey are more likely to say “dawter”.

I’m from central Jersey and i say “dawter” and also ” mairy “, not “marry”. But it all depends where you’re from. Most people sound like they’re from Philly, but not everyone, especially if you’re from Jersey City. And no, not all the girls have thick, stereotypical, nasal ” joisey ” accents. Jersey Girl: I’m from central Jersey. Wheyahs ya new joisey akksend? New Jersey Accent. What are you doing? What did you do? What’s up with you? What the fuck is up with you? Are you going to New York City?

Did you go to New York City? Where are you going? Where did you go? Where-jew-go last night? Jew hang in Jerzee? Vinny: Nah, I hung out in duh-siddy wid-dat chick Merry wit da Brooklyn ax-cent. Joey: Jew-bang-er? Vinny: Nah, we just tawked. Joey: Yew gonna mairy er? Vinny: What-da-fuk-issup-witch-yew? Fuh-gedda-boud-dit, man. Whad-jew-do last night? North Jersey Accent. Most jersey people, at least where i live North Jersey , talk like New Yorkers.

We tend to put aw or au in everything. Me: I wawk and i tawk like i live in new york or pronounced Yowk , depending which part of jersey yer from and i drink lots a wawta water and cawfee. We tend to draw out our vowels like people from Philly. Not all people have accents because most people move here from other Countries, and Regions of the U. I tend to say ” Worter ” instead of “Water”. I also Say “Caaary” instead of “Carry. More random definitions.



– Where do N.J.’s different accents actually come from? A linguist weighs in –

However, west of the Hackensack River, he finds that the normal function word constraint of New York City English is lost and the open syllable constraint becomes variable. Think of saying the pirate ” Arrrr! To South Jerseyans, the North’s “cawfee” accent is an immediate reminder they aren’t in Gloucester County anymore. Even if you do not have a full accent, you may say certain words with an accent. Watch some videos and movies where New Jersey accents are available.


What kind of New Jersey accent do you have? Take the quiz – .How to Speak With a Convincing New Jersey Accent: 6 Steps


What’s funny about the way New Jerseyans talk is that some locals don’t even think there’s anything acxent about it. Увидеть больше do I mean by that? Well, when asking some locals about the South Jersey accent specifically, apparently, South Jersey doesn’t aa one. Depending on where you are in South Siuth, there is some truth to that. If you hail from the eastern part of South Jersey, then what is a south jersey accent accent isn’t as thick. The western part of South Jersey, though the part closer to Phillythe thicker the accent gets.

There’s no denying that North Jersey has an identifiable way of speaking. Still, some “Jersey-isms” are universal, meaning they’re said throughout the entire state. Some of the answers we received were just too funny not to share. The hwat prove that it’s less about how we say things and more about the specific what is a south jersey accent only we Jerseyans can comprehend. Jahna Michal Published: February 8, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Ah, the Jersey accent. Читать our free mobile app.

Depending /18852.txt where you’re located in the state, some people don’t even think we have one. Check out what NJ natives /924.txt to say about the way NJ residents talk. New Survey Shows That Depends.

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