Safest areas to live near nashville – safest areas to live near nashville. What Are The Safest Neighborhoods & Cities Near Nashville?

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Safest areas to live near nashville – safest areas to live near nashville
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Historic Edgefield. Safe Suburbs in the Nashville Area · Brentwood · Brentwood · Nolensville · Nolensville · Franklin · Franklin · St. Paul Christian Academy.

Safest areas to live near nashville – safest areas to live near nashville


But 12th looks nice now but is it too hipster for older folks? Used to walk at Radner, shop in Hillsboro and Greenhills. I looked at a coop planned near shelby park Germantown area that looked wonderful but maybe above our budget. Shelby park area looked great but seemed many wrote about many bars nearby and few grocery stores? Someone posted saw needles in park so wonder if safe. We look forward to your suggestions. Hey-this is so helpful-thank you!

I find this site extremely helpful! Wish I would have found it when I first came to Nashville! But never too late!

Would like to see more living options, both for renting and purchasing. Thank you so much for this info. I am moving to Nashville in a couple of months. I am single and I will be working at VMC. Hi, I am 23 and relocating to Nashville this summer. I am looking to move to a safe area with other young professionals where there is an active nightlife.

Can you help me? My wife and I are relocating to Nashville. We used to spend long weekends in Nashville when we lived in Atlanta. Since we moved to DC, we have not been able to visit. What about Brentwood? Thanks for any tips you have!

My 5 year old son and I are moving to Nashville in July. We are going to look at some apartments at the end of the month. I want to make sure he gets into a great school district. How do I ensure that he gets into the best school and what areas should I be looking at?

Thanks for your time! Moving to Nashville soon, I am an avid kayak-er and cyclist. Your site was informative, but still wondering which area might be most accommodating to my hobbies.

This guide was very helpful. My boyfriend and I are considering picking up and moving from Chicago. Would someone be able to contact me to answer a few questions? My son is moving to Nashville in a few weeks.

He accepted a job near the new convention center. He is in his mid twenties and single. Do you have any ideas for an area in which he should look to live?

Thank you, Lori. My two friends and I all 23 are from the midwest and looking to move to Nashville at the end of the summer. We are all nurses and would like to live downtown but are having difficulty finding three bedrooms.

Any areas that are easier to find three bedroom places but still near downtown? What is the one apartment complex and two condos in Midtown and you refer to? Im very interested in moving to the nashville area by september. This site has very interesting info! Particularly on the broadway strip. Any ideas on jobs? Or places to live with a short commute but far enough away to be out in the open? Thank you!! We are a younger couple always looking for things to do. Wonderful site! Thanks for the great info here.

We are looking at moving to from Minnesota. Looking for a great community with bike friendly attitude, great restaurants within walking distance but also hiking or access to a nice lake. Am I asking for too much? Thanks again for this great website. My husband and I are moving to Nashville this summer. We are looking at apartments in Midtown and have seen mixed reviews on the safety of the area and the quality of the properties. We want to be close to downtown and the music scene.

He is a musician, I am an artist and we will be working a lot from home. Do you have any advice or insight for us? Thanks so much! This site is great. I plan on moving to Nashville in a few months. I will be a college grad and I will be working in Franklin. I will be looking for something affordable and nice. Also I do not want to drive more than 30 minutes to work. Hello, My husband and I are moving to Nashville in August. Please help us. We are a young married couple.

He will be going to Nashville community college for two semesters for paralegal. I want to rent something with a small yard. What do you recommend? My husband and I are full-time California residents, but we are interested in buying a condo in Nashville — and the condo will be second home for us.

Our plan would be to spend time there in Nashville, several times during the year, as our schedule permits. Urban, but homey is probably best for us — and we would not enjoy having much upkeep to maintain, because we already have that here in CA. My wife and I are looking to move to Nashville within the next month.

It is just the two of us. I am going to be working on the West End, but could be relocated somewhere in the Nashville area. We are looking for something afordable either near the West End or centrally located. We would prefer to rent a house, but would consider an apartment. Wonderful Site! My fiance, myself and 2 daughters 7 and 4 mos are considering moving to the Nashville area and was wondering if you could give some pointers on where to start.

I am looking to move to the Nashville area in September I have two children 7 and 9. We are coming from NY want to get out of the city setting is there more of a country setting not to far from nashville seeing as I am in the marketing industry and would be working in Nashville with decent schools as well? What a nice site! My husband and I are planning on moving near Nashville in Sept. Any help would be appreciated!

According to Forbes. We want to start researching the key areas in the southern states on the Forbes list.

We plan on being in Nashville in September. Hi…I am considering moving to Nashville.. I am an artist in my late forties.. I like artsy areas but that are safe and still sophisticated.

I also would like to be able to walk and get coffee or walk to eat… Where do you suggest? Awesome website!!! Very useful information, I really appreciate the time you invested building this site. I need to find a temporary, furnished place to stay for 3 months while I learn more about the area and start my housing search.

Do you have any good recommendations for me? Corporate housing seems to be fairly expensive in Nashville. I came across a place in the Belevue area next to Edwin Warner park. What do you know about this area? How are they in prices for homes and neighborhoods for families?? How about schools. I am looking for a quiet neighborhood! Thank You Gail. Great and informative site. A suggestion to your excellent work would be to add the zip codes of the areas so people, such as myself could look at apartments and real estate.

Hey, my fiance and I are looking to move to Nashville next year. We are definitely tight on money, but we want to be close to the action. We have two cats, both have been spayed are up to date with shots. Which area do you recommend? And maybe which apartment area do you recommend? Wow, your website has been so helpful! Where would be a good affordable area for new, young families? My wife and I are empty nesters and looking to relocate in or around Nashville.

Great website BTW!! Hey, my husband and baby and I are moving out to Tennessee from the West and we are trying to find a place to live. He is going to school at the Nashville General Hospital, but is working in Shelbyville 3 times a week. We are tight on money being that he is doing school full time.

Where is a good place to live, but reasonably priced? What can you tell me about the Creighton area… what was the neighborhood like before all the new construction? Was there flood damage in this area? Is it now in the designated flood plain? Thanks for posting this great forum.

I currently work at a concert promoter and am hoping to find another job in the music industry down there. We have 3 kids, 11 year old girl, 10 year old boy, and 2 year old girl.

Where would be the best place to focus on when trying to pick somewhere to live? This is a BIG change for us, so I want to pick the best place. Love this site, thank you! I recently made a couple visits to Nashville and fell in love with it! I hear that many Nashville rentals require 60 day notice instead of 30, but when I see the great finds pop up on Craigslist, they are for a quick move in and are snatched up in a day.

Is it worth coming out there 8 weeks before a move? Is closer to the move date more realistic? Great site thank you! Did not see a response. Any info on that. Empty nester and all.

So helpful! I am considering moving to Nashville once I graduate. Will be moving to Nashville in a few months with my sister and looking for some suggestions as to where to move. She is 26 and I am 29; both like bars and big city life but not looking to live right in it. Looking for affordable living, in a place where a car is not necessary so long as I can get to work which will hopefully be in a school and to and from down town and fun places.

Hey I am luking out for affordable apartment on rent in nashville such that it has good preschools nearby probably walking distance can i get help. I am planing to move to Nashville in two months which is the best area to live near TSU. Thank you,. I am graduating this December and I recently accepted a job offer to work in Nashville. I am hoping to move to Nashville Fall of I am a single mom with a three year old daughter. I am an education major so I am hoping to find a preschool teaching job.

I want to find a place that is safe for the two of us. We are country girls at heart moving from the city so we definitely want to be near the music scene as well.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. This website was a great start. Hi, I am from south Florida born and raised so I am used to the ocean and boat life but a friend and I had a crazy idea to get out for a few years and we want to move to Nashville. We are 21 and 22 yrs. If anybody has any suggestions we would love to hear them so when we go up to visit we can check some things out.

Just wanted to thank you for the website. My husband and I are thinking about moving to Nashville once we get a bit more equity built into our Los Angeles home. This is a great tool for us to narrow down neighborhoods! Hi, my wife and I are planning on moving from Iceland to Nashville or area around next summer and we are looking for a good family place or neighborhood that is perfect to race a family.

My parents in law live in Clarksville but we think that is a little to far to drive to school in Nashville every day. Hi- Love the site. My wife and I have been doing research on Nashville recently. Is it true that Nashville is very conservative? We want to get away from the Florida and NY liberals that continue to raise taxes and are anti middle class.

I am a small businessman so we can basically move anywhere. We want to send our kids to public schools that are more pro family which is getting rare these days. Leaning towards Nashville. I need info on a company that can help find a furnished apartment for a limited time while I determine where I would like to settle. My fiance and I are relocating to Nashville at the end of January. We are a younger couple that are looking to purchase a home in an area near or in downtown.

We would like to find somewhere that will have good resale value but also a good urban vibe. We also have a small dog so other pet friendly activities would be a plus. Hi NG I wish you could answer the questions online. There are a lot of great questions which your answers would suit many. I am interviewing for a job there and really hope I get it. Nashville looks like a great place to live. We are older, but think young. Children grown and have little ones of their own.

Have a couple of small dogs. We like to be near restaurant, shopping and some night life. We are a homeschool family wanting to rent. Please Help!!! Moving In two weeks and we are so lost on where to live. Hi, I am planning to move to Nashville or its surrounding areas. I would love a family oriented community with a great school nearby.

And would love to rent a house. If someone could give me some places to look that would be great. Thank you in advance. I am a 22 year old college grad moving to Nashville in June of I am looking for a house or apartment to rent with a friend, obviously something extremely affordable. We like East Nashville and Germantown areas and the social scenes of these places, but we need help finding a place! I love this site, it is very informative.

My family and I will be moving there in a few months. With a good mix of housing options from affordable apartments and townhomes to cozy bungalows and two-story Colonials, you can find the perfect home for your needs in this neighborhood. Moore Middle School. Hear from authors and find a new favorite read at Parnassus Books , which is owned by acclaimed author Ann Patchett.

Take a pottery class with your little ones or with your friends at Brushfire Pottery Studio. Reserve a table at The Bluebird Cafe , where you can listen to up-and-coming country music artists or a famous surprise guest who got their start singing inside this venue. Kick back with some popcorn and watch the latest films at Regal Green Hills. Start your morning with a latte or cappuccino from The Well Coffeehouse.

Grab brunch at Etc. Or grab some beers and cocktails while sitting inside a literal greenhouse at Nashville hidden gem The Greenhouse Bar! Photo via timkyneproperty. Frankly, many urban locations, including Nashville, receive a bad reputation when it comes to crime.

Lastly, we’ve compiled a full list of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville to further help you choose which area is best for you. Both sources partner with the Metro Nashville Police Department to collect and disclose crime reported in Nashville. In addition, we will leverage resources, such as Niche and Area Vibes , to further break down the crime occurring in Music City.

The FBI and the state of Tennessee classify crime into two main categories; violent crimes and property crimes. The National Institute of Justice NIJ defines a violent crime, as when a victim is harmed by or threatened with violence. The types of violent crimes include murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. There are only 1. According to FBI crime data, Nolensville has a much lower crime rate when compared to other cities of a similar size.

Franklin is also about 20 miles south of the Nashville city center. It is considered one of the principal cities of the greater Nashville metropolitan area, due to its size and influence. The annual violent crime rate is 1. Spring Hill is a little south of Franklin, which puts it about 30 miles out of Nashville.

The city was established over years ago, and continues to thrive. The rate of violent crime is 1. Spring Hill, again, has a much lower crime rate when compared to other cities of a similar size. The chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Spring Hill is one in Hendersonville is located about 18 miles northeast of Nashville. It is a bit of a larger city and is the 11th largest community in Tennessee.

Hendersonville has some of the most expensive real estate in the state. The violent crime rate in Hendersonville is 1.


– Safest Nashville, TN Neighborhoods To Live In []: Violent And Property Crime By Neighborhood


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