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Maryland Abbreviation in State. md. state abbreviation; alabama: al: alaska: ak: arizona: az: arkansas: ar: california: ca: colorado: co: connecticut: ct: delaware: de: florida: fl: georgia: ga: hawaii: hi: idaho: id: illinois: il: indiana: . May 07,  · Although an initial list of abbreviations for the state names was provided in June , some abbreviations had more than two letters which were still long. USA states with .


State Abbreviations – 50states.


Manage Settings Continue with Recommended Cookies. When sending packages, greeting cards or business documents to someone, or even looking up an address online or filling in documents for business or personal purposes, you will realize it is essential that you know and use the state postal abbreviation.

The United States is made up of 50 states, all with their own unique two-letter postal abbreviations, it can be tough remembering the two letters required when filling in an address, especially when some states have very similar lettering.

There is some confusion when it comes to the Maryland state abbreviation, some people assume that it is the first two letters of the name like the majority of other states, which would make it MA. Other states with similar spelling, letters, and abbreviations are the Maine State abbreviation and the Massachusetts state abbreviation.

The three of these states are often confused with one another. Now that you know the two-letter MD state abbreviation, it makes sense to know what the regular state name abbreviation is for Maryland. The Old Line State has become an increasingly popular place for business owners and entrepreneurs to move to as there are many local, regional, and national resources available whether you are looking to tackle a government procurement contract for the first time, or wanting certification as a minority, veteran, or women-owned business.

If you are interested in checking out the Maryland minimum wage , keeping updated on future increases, and the minimum wage history, check out our page dedicated to this. People use state abbreviations all the time in everyday life and business, it is important to know the unique two-letter abbreviation representing each state in the U. New Mexico NM N. New York NY N. North Carolina NC N. North Dakota ND N. Oregon OR Ore. Pennsylvania PA Pa. Rhode Island RI R. South Carolina SC S. South Dakota SD S.

Tennessee TN Tenn. Texas TX Tex. Virginia VA Va. Washington WA Wash. West Virginia WV W. Wisconsin WI Wis. Wyoming WY Wyo. Printable US State Abbreviations Map If you’d like a quick visual guide to remembering the state abbreviations, check out the map below. Puerto Rico PR P. Virgin Islands VI V. Using State vs. Traditional Abbreviations If you’re writing a letter or sending anything else through the mail, you should use the USPS state abbreviation.

Using USPS State Abbreviations Here’s when you should use USPS state abbreviations: when addressing a letter or item through the United States mail when writing bibliographies or tables in Chicago style in parentheses after writing the full name of a state.

Using Traditional State Abbreviations In other cases, you should use the traditional abbreviations, such as: when describing a person’s political party affiliation for example, D-Miss. You can follow these general patterns: All USPS and traditional abbreviations begin with the first letter of the state’s name. The second letter of USPS abbreviations is found within the state’s name usually the second letter, but in some cases, further along in the word. If a state has two words in its name, its postal abbreviation uses the first letter of each word in its abbreviation for example, NM for New Mexico and WV for West Virginia.

Most traditional abbreviations use the first three, four or five letters of the state’s name, such as Colorado Colo. State Abbreviations That Don’t Follow Standard Patterns However, there are a few states that break the rules or are especially confusing. Some of these states of confusion include: States with five or fewer letters are never abbreviated in traditional abbreviations.

Some states, such as Tennessee and Texas, begin with the same letters. Much of the confusion around state abbreviations comes from the eight states that begin with “M” Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and Montana.

More Interesting States Information The United States is a fascinating and diverse country, with each state very different from the next. Use a list of USPS street and building abbreviations for further postal reference. Check out some interesting facts about U. Learn fun facts about Georgia that you may have not known before. And while you’re learning about the South, you can find out all about Florida. Initially, the codes were optional tags and only became a standard for use when sending mails over time.

These postal codes are slightly complicated because they do not follow a uniform pattern. For instance, some states use the first two letters on their names as the abbreviation, while others use the first and last letters.

Still, others use the first and any other letter apart from the last letter. The complexity results from several states having the same letters at the beginning of their names.


List of All 50 US State Abbreviations.Appendix D ‐ USPS State Abbreviations and FIPS Codes : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A brief history of abbreviations used by USPS for states and territories. Maryland, Md. Md. Md. MD, MD. Massachusetts, Ms. Mass. Mass. MARYLAND, MD. MASSACHUSETTS, MA. MICHIGAN, MI. MINNESOTA, MN. MISSISSIPPI, MS. MISSOURI, MO. MONTANA, MT. NEBRASKA, NE. NEVADA, NV. NEW HAMPSHIRE, NH.

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