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But beware: They are not equal. Both are visually appealing, resting on a bed of spongy Texas toast, smothered in creamy gravy with oregano and other mild spices, and topped with crunchy little onions and flecks of parsley. But it comes down to the meat. The Poultrygeist nails that fried chicken essence with a pleasant crunch coating and a chewy texture. It was more like a gummy sausage, which was just confusing, and kinda off-putting. Verdict: Poultrygeist: Scarf! Steak-xorcist: Skip. Why is this called poutine?

First of all, poutine does not need to be modified much to be made vegetarian, you just gotta make veggie gravy. But so much has been changed here as to render it unrecognizable. The overcooked Beyond chorizo sausage was spiced with cinnamon for some reason.

The cheese curds were flavorless. Was that the gravy? The waffle fries were both soggy and depressed, weighed down by the layers of lies. What did Canada do to deserve this? At Hot Indian. Kulfi is no exception. We chose the mango flavor, and it was refreshing, full-on fruity, and frozen solid enough to not get too messy while eating it. Added bonus? Available Aug. These pronunciation guides, man. Anyway, hand-holding fairgoers through cotija aside, these molotes am I saying that right?

The thick, cake-y batter was dry, as was the shredded chicken inside, though the zesty seasoning did match well with the creamy chipotle sour cream and cilantro. Grilled sandwich with cinnamon bread, Minnesota strawberry jam, vanilla cream, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, toasted peanuts, confetti sprinkles and flaked sea salt. At Jammy Sammies by Brim. The Sundae Sammie is basically a sweet panini, which is not something we are terribly familiar with, but we… think we like it? The jam this Sammie is stuffed with tastes homemade, with big chunks of strawberries—did we spot some apples or pears in there, too?

The vanilla cream is just the right sweetness, and plays nicely with the tartness of the jam. A lot of love went into this pretty little Sammie, man. They get the job done and taste chickeny enough. The sauce tastes like Ragu. The little wedge of bread though?

Which is not a good sign. Verdict: Earth Sliders: Scarf! At Holy Land. Blended smooth and uniform, this highly drinkable slushie delivers nice, not-too-sweet notes of guava. Better options exist for drinking an unfathomable amount of sugar. These new crunchy balls, served in a boat of five, are as elaborate as the feta bite is simple, combining three cheeses feta, mozzarella, and cream cheese with a lemon tang that pushes the ensemble to an almost cheddary sharpness.

The fine outer crunch is complemented by a sprinkling of parmesan. Somebody needs to go to jail. When my colleague brought this sad, sneering, insulting platter over from the Blue Moon, my heart sank.

Visually, you know it will suck. The extent to which it did? That surprised even this grizzled veteran of the fair-chow wars. Pocket Flipboard Email. Sign up for the Sign up for the Eater newsletter The freshest news from the food world every day.

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By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice. Why waste your time with an apple? There’s no need to be healthy at the fair, so who needs fruit? Seriously, there are so many dessert options at the fair; don’t waste your time with a candy apple. Like the cheeseburger, the hot dog is another classic American food you can find at most fairs.

Hot dogs are obviously delicious, and for picky eaters, they might be a great choice at the fair when other savory options are a little too weird. But overall, hot dogs at fairs aren’t anything special and honestly a little boring. Obviously, you can spice up your hot dog with different toppings like chili and cheese, but why waste your time with that when there are so many other foods at the fair that are more unique and interesting? Fair hot dogs also tend to be a little unpredictable.

You might get one that’s overcooked or undercooked, and no one wants that. Hot dogs at the fair also aren’t a super beloved item, as popular as they are, so they don’t get the same attention as other, more unique items. You also run the risk of missing out on better food than the hot dog, and that might be even worse. Whatever the case, just skip the hot dog. One of the most popular drink items people get at the fair is the lemon shake-up. Now, if you’re wondering what, exactly, a lemon shake-up is, hold tight because it’s really not that exciting.

Lemon shake-ups are basically just lemonade made with fresh-squeezed lemon juice which is served over ice and then shaken to order to keep it nice and refreshing the whole time you’re walking around the fair sipping on it. Of course, lemon shake-ups aren’t really all that exciting or unique, but there is something so enticing about a fresh, homemade lemonade that just screams “fun”!

That said, lemon shake-ups still aren’t the best thing at any fair because they really are just lemonade. And as delicious as lemonade might be, it’s not anything new or exciting or deep-fried or covered in cheese. Again, they aren’t bad or anything, but if you have a limited budget or are worried about getting too full, go ahead and skip the lemon shake-ups.

Obviously, when you think of going to the fair and indulging in some delicious food, vegetables are probably the last thing on your mind. But fair corn on the cob isn’t your typical vegetable, and it’s actually quite popular at most fairs across the United States.

That said, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s the best thing at the fair, and unless you’re just really craving it, you should save room for some more decadent treats.

Of course, corn on the cob from the fair isn’t your typical corn on the cob that you make at home. It’s typically served with your choice of toppings, from spices and seasonings to condiments and cheese, and it can be quite tasty if you choose the right flavor combination.

Still, because it’s a vegetable and not deep-fried or anything super special, it’s not the best fair food out there. Really, it’s pretty mediocre, and something you can replicate at home if you wanted to.

Unless you’re a child, you probably don’t get all that excited about the prospect of cotton candy. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the more popular fair foods out there, and it sort of makes sense.

After all, it’s not exactly easy to make cotton candy at home, and most people probably don’t think to get it except when they’re at a fair.

But that doesn’t make it that special. Since cotton candy isn’t only sold at fairs, and the cotton candy you can get at a fair isn’t really anything special or better than the cotton candy you can buy bagged up at a grocery store, this is one of the worst fair foods.

Yes, it might be fun and festive and easy to carry around and melt in your mouth instantly, but cotton candy isn’t all that great. Believe it or not, deep fried bull testicles are actually delicious. A candy bar stuffed inside another dessert then wrapped in fatty bacon and deep-fried? No thanks, I like my arteries too much. Again, not totally sure how you can deep-fry a liquid, but I feel like this would taste oddly pleasant. Okay, now this would definitely taste good.


Best & Worst Lists – Top 10 State Fair Foods – TIME.

Craving a heart attack? Check out the fare at your local State Fair. · The best fair finds · Fried scorpions · Fried jellybeans · Fried meatballs. 1. Ultimate Bacon Explosion. Image credit: readMedia · 2. S’mores Shake. Image credit: Indiana State Fair | Facebook · 3. Apple Pie On-A-Stick · 4.


– Worst state fair foods – worst state fair foods:


By Sarah Blaskovich. Are we scared or delighted? Some dishes were ultra sweet and over fried. A few were downright perfect.

Take our advice. On Thursday, Oct. Note: We did not rank all new drinks and food at the State Fair; there are 41 of those.

This list focuses on the 10 Big Tex Choice Awards finalists. Interestingly, after a panel of judges declared three winners among that group of 10 in late August , we also agreed that those three were the best bites. Use this map to find all the Big Tex Choice Awards finalists. It was purely by happenstance that the Fried Charcuterie Board was our last bite of the State Fair of Texas taste test.

It stood in stark contrast to the Holy Biscuit and the Chicharron Explosion Nachos, which were big and overbearing. Many in our group awarded it a perfect score. Fried Charcuterie Board received a rating of 4.

On paper, this dessert sounds too sweet. Too much? No way. The peanut butter and caramel are best friends with that honey bun, which acted as a sturdy base. Peanut Butter Paradise received a rating of 4. Right up there with the Peanut Butter Paradise was our tie-for-second favorite, a horchata milkshake called the Cha-Cha Chata.

Each cinnamon-caramel-cream milkshake is topped with delicious little orbs of fried arroz con leche, which balance the sweetness of the drink. Audio producer Julie Fisk disagreed: Gimme more, but add some rum! Cha-Cha Chata received a rating of 4. We were delighted to see that two of the 10 Big Tex Choice Awards were drinks, and clearly, our judges loved both. La Bluebonnet is a simple blueberry lemonade, both tart and sweet. It has that lovable pucker that hits you in the back of the cheek.

La Bluebonnet received a rating of 3. Despite the name, this deep-fried Brookie brownie-cookie is no monster. The Ultimate Brookie Monster received a rating of 3. Concessionaire Tom Grace layered bacon and shreddy cheddy inside a inch tortilla, then deep fried it. Bonacci went wild for it. Deep-fried BLT received a rating of 2.

Deep-fried Rocky Road is fried chocolate fudge, with rocky road-esque toppings like mini marshmallows and cinnamon glazed nuts. Each of the four pieces were fried beautifully and made for a great photo. The side of vanilla-flavored Blue Bell was a cold respite from the warm fried fudge, but it still felt a bit heavy for most of our tasters.

Deep-fried Rocky Road was right up his alley. Oh, how we wanted to love this Italian fried dinner. Our team agreed it needed more salt. Deep-fried Lasagna Roll received a rating of 2. She pauses. Holy Biscuit received a rating of 1. The priciest, largest item among the Big Tex Choice Awards finalists tied for our least favorite. But the mix of two meats, gummy queso, thick pork rinds and too-heavy seasoning made it all hard to eat.

Chicharron Explosion Nachos received a rating of 1. Sarah Blaskovich , senior food reporter. Sarah writes about restaurants, bars and culture in Dallas. Follow sblaskovich and ask her what to do, where to eat or where to drink in your area. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. Big Tex welcomed crowds on opening day, Sept.

You want more State Fair intel? You’re in luck:. Read More. What not to miss at the State Fair of Texas Here are the biggest highlights to expect when the fair opens Sept.

Best things we ate this week: Beef kebab, sashimi and tom kha gai. Texas-sized burger joint now open in The Colony. Southwest pilots back Boeing in latest Max controversy. Starbucks threatened union workers in Texas cities, says labor board Member Exclusive.

Exxon Mobil must reinstate whistleblowers fired over Permian Basin projections. Enter email to subscribe By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. By Everton Bailey Jr. Most Popular on DallasNews.


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