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Category Commons Portals. African Americans. Washington Ida B. Civic and economic groups. Athletic associations and conferences. Neighborhoods list U. Category United States portal. Hidden categories: Pages using the Graph extension Webarchive template archiveis links Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Virgin Islands U. District of Columbia. South Carolina. North Carolina. New York. New Jersey. Puerto Rico. Rhode Island. North Dakota. Baltimore, MD. Montgomery, AL. New Orleans, LA. More items Aug 27, The world’s largest ethnic group is Han Chinese , with Mandarin being the world’s most spoken language in terms of native speakers Russia has a population of million people but only 70, of them are black.

Over the years, human rights organisations have reported numerous racist attacks Hialeah, Florida is the whitest city in the United States with The non-Hispanic white population, however, is only 2.

By , the United States will become minority white according to the Census The census shows that Maine remains the whitest state in the nation but is becoming more diverse.

The census shows that Maine remains the whitest state in the nation but is becoming more diverse In , the Black or African American alone population WalletHub compared the 50 states across six key diversity categories to determine which states have diversified the most and which remain, relatively, the least diverse. According to these rankings, West Virginia claims the least diverse spot. The mountain state was following closely by Maine and then Vermont Introduction : My name is Patricia Veum II, I am a vast, combative, smiling, famous, inexpensive, zealous, sparkling person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.

Without advertising income, we can’t keep making this site awesome for you. Black Bears disappeared in Oklahoma sometime in the early s. At some point in the s though, they started making their way back into the state from Arkansas. There are now two distinct populations of Black Bears in Oklahoma , one in the Ouachita Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma, and one in the Ozarks region of east-central Oklahoma.

There are believed to be 2, or more bears in Oklahoma today. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife tells us that there are between 25, and 30, Black Bears living in Oregon today, giving it one of the largest bear populations in the United States today. They are largely absent or scarce in central and southeastern parts of the state.

There is potential for Black Bears in any forested area in the state of Pennsylvania, as there have been bear sightings in every county in the state. The Black Bears of Rhode Island were completely gone not that long ago, however they have been making their way back into the state from neighboring Connecticut.

Now there are believed to be at least adult bears that are breeding and repopulating certain areas of the state like Providence County, Washington County and Kent County where the majority of bear sightings in the state occur. There are an estimated Black Bears in the state of South Carolina.

Sightings have occurred in most counties in the state but the densest populations are in the northwest and far east, however they are expanding. There are believed to be around 7, bears in the state of Tennessee and the population is expanding and growing.

The eastern population is into the mountainous regions of the Smoky Mountains and the cumberland population is shared with Kentucky to the north. I live in Middle Tennessee and there have been more and more bear sightings every year. In the Big Bend area of Western Texas there are thought to be at least breeding bears , so the Black Bear population in Texas is low either way. There are over 4, Black Bears living in the forests and mountains of Utah. The bears have a pretty widespread range in Utah and the population has been steadily growing over the decades.

There were only about bears in the state in , so it has more than tripled in the last 20 years or so. The state has been issuing more hunting licenses in recent years to keep up with hunter demand and to help control the population. Thanks to biologists closely monitoring the population and conservation efforts, there are more Black Bears living in Vermont today than there have been for over years. The latest estimate is that between 4, and 5, bears but as many as 6, is possible are living in Vermont today.

While there are some conflicting reports of the Black Bear population in Virginia, one thing is for sure, bears occupy almost every part of the state. This article from by the Roanoke Times quotes a wildlife biologist with the DGIF as saying there are as many as 17, Black Bears in Virginia, however the National Park Service suggests there are closer to 5, or 6, Who to believe?

As with other U. You may have noticed a trend with Pacific Northwest states when it comes to Black Bears, they have a lot of them. There are thought to be 25, to 30, bears in the state of Washington with the strongest populations being in western and northern parts of the state. Black Bears in West Virginia were once concentrated to the National Forests of Eastern West Virginia, such as Monongahela National Forest, but have since spread throughout the state and have a population of 8, or more.

The Black Bear is the official state animal of West Virginia and today can be found in all 55 counties in the state. Wisconsin has a growing Black Bear population of between 24, and 31, animals, mainly in the northern third of the state. However the bears appear to be expanding their range southward as there have been more sightings in Southern Wisconsin in recent years, mainly in Dane, Sauk, Iowa and Grant counties. As far as I can determine there is no estimated population in Wyoming, we only know that there is a robust and healthy population of Black Bears in the state.

The state of Wyoming is also home to around Grizzly Bears, which are more closely monitored. However, several sources have reported that Wyoming state officials plan to begin surveying the Black Bears within the state to get a better idea of the population.

Black Bears are highly intelligent mammals that have shown problem solving skills. They are adept swimmers and excellent hunters. The number one predator of Black Bears are humans.

At one point their population was on a steep decline in many areas due to hunting and loss of habitat, but now they are making a comeback and populations are increasing thanks to new laws, healthier forests, and stricter regulations. The American Black Bear is the smallest species of bear in North America, but they still weigh on average between and lbs, occasionally reaching lbs or more.

They will also reach 4 to 7 feet in length. Black Bears are still the largest carnivorous animals in most U. While they are classified as carnivores, Black Bears are actually omnivorous and considered opportunistic eaters. They will also readily feed on insects, fish, small mammals, carrion, and we are all aware of how they have a habit of digging through trash cans and dumpsters scrounging for food.

One thing we know for certain, bears can eat a lot. During the spring and summer bears will eat a minimum of 5k calories daily, but during the fall when they are fattening up for hibernation they can eat times that much without a problem. Black Bears typically spend the majority of their days foraging for food. Black Bears prefer living in forests and mountainous areas where there is an abundant source of food, water, and shelter. Human populations are expanding into bear territories causing more and more bear and human interactions.

Mating season for Black Bears usually starts in late May and ends in early July, however depending on the geographic location it may extend into August.

Females will give birth to bear cubs sometime in January or February. Black Bear cubs will stay with their mothers for up to 2 years in some cases while they learn the skills they need to survive on their own.


10 States With The Largest African-American Populations – WorldAtlas.

United States portal. Washington delivered his famous “Atlanta Compromise” speech on September 18,in Atlanta, the state capital.


United States of America Black population by state, – .

West Palm Beach. The shares represent an improvement over the distribution of Black household income in


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