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So Let’s dig deep into the mascot many people don’t seem to understand. Here’s an imagined, informative interview with “Rally,” UVM’s fuzzy, cuddly feline-of-the-sidelines.

A: The lower-case catamount is another name for the American panther, cougar, mountain lion, painter and puma. A: In the Vermont Cynic asked students to vote for a mascot. According to UVM’s Vermont Quarterly , the four candidates were: the tomcat, the cow, the camel and the catamount. The catamount won, It says nothing about who the runner-up was. A: Now, maybe. Maybe not. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary traces it to 15th-century Middle English, which is a little odd — since my species, Puma concolor , is native to the New World.

The “concolor” part is Latin, meaning “of a uniform color. A: Looks like it. Also, the Spanish, who encountered my type of cat in the 16th century, called us “gato monte” cat of the mountain , according to the San Diego Zoo. That name didn’t stick, but some older ones did: “puma” is an Incan word for the animal.

And “cougar” is thought to be derived from another native South American word, “cuguacuarana. A: Ah. Well, if it helps, folks at the San Diego Zoo also extol the ability of catamounts or cougars, or mountain lions, or —. A: They can jump like crazy. Eighteen feet straight up, into a tree. So — a good role model for basketball players. A: No offense taken. We were indeed hunted out of existence in the Eastern North America, but there are some hold-outs in Florida.

Elsewhere, we range from British Columbia to Argentina. A: A guy named Alexander Crowell shot and killed it. It was common practice back then, to shoot critters that might threaten your livestock.

Crowell had the carcass stuffed, and people paid to see it, according to the Vermont Historical Society. A: I prefer the bronze, life-sized sculpture better, up on UVM campus. More majestic. Threatening, even. Like our athletes. A: Well, some UVM sports fans gave it a try, back in Rink’s appetite and hunting instincts got people worried, and off it went to another zoo.

Q: I keep hearing rumors about catamounts — the big cat — making a comeback in Vermont. Any truth to that? A: Probably not. But they range far and wide. It could happen.

Some folks are even talking about re-introducing us into these parts , to help control the population of white-tailed deer. A: Lower-case catamounts don’t roar. We make a lot of other sounds — purring, even — but we don’t roar, according to biologists. Contact Joel Banner Baird at or joelbaird freepressmedia. Follow him on Twitter VTgoingUp. According to Camilla’s royal biographer. Players were more shocked the video got leaked than the incident itself.

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Close this content. Read full article. Note: This story was originally published in March Common knowledge: the Catamount is the official mascot of University of Vermont sports teams.

Q: What on earth is a catamount? A close-up of the catamount statue at the University of Vermont is seen on Tuesday, February 19, The UVM Catamounts sports logo.

Story continues. Alexander Crowell poses with a catamount, or mountain lion, that he shot and killed in November It proved to be the last sighting of the species in Vermont. A poster touts an exhibit of the last catamount, or mountain lion, seen in Vermont, which was shot and stuffed in Rink, the catamount or panther, or cougar , was briefly UVM’s real-live mascot in , as seen in this photo published in Vermont Quarterly on Jan. This is a stuffed cougar, also called a panther, at the Vermont Historical Society in Montpelier, Vt.

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By a vote of – the catamount became the first University of Vermont Mascot, Charlie Catamount. For a brief time between 19UVM had a live mascot named “Rink”. . Northern Vermont University is proud to announce the students who earned Dean’s List and President’s List honors during the spring semester. Students named to the Dean’s List . Browse 47 vermont mascot stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. George Washington mascot during a men’s college .

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