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5 Creepy Abandoned Buildings with a Horrifying History · Sanzhi UFO Houses – Taipei, Taiwan · St. Gerard’s Hospital – Warwickshire, UK · Chateau. 1. Lennox Castle. Aerial image over the ruins of a former mental hospital. ; 2. Lynnewood Hall. house, sky, property, building, tree. From an abandoned asylum to a church adorned with human skulls, these creepy places have the benefit of being rooted in history with.


Abandoned places with dark history –


England is drenched in a dark and macabre past. With a history dating back to gruesome events such as the Black Death, cruel Witch Trials to grisly serial killer murders — there is no shortage of places to visit with a dark history in England. Disclosure: Some of the links below are abandoned places with dark history links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Please see my Privacy Policy for more information. In the English county of Derbyshire sits a village that was consumed by the Black Death in The tiny village of about residence was struck by the bubonic plague after an infected bundle of cloth arrived from London. The plague spread fast, killing villager after villager. To prevent the plague spreading to nearby communities the village decided to sacrifice itself for the greater good.

Eyam went into quarantine, which essentially meant everyone signed a sort of death pact. As people died, families had to bury their loved ones alone to prevent anyone else from contracting the bubonic plague.

Ultimately, after 14 months of quarantine of the villagers had died. Eyam is now known as the Plague Village and through the selfless acts of each villager — they prevented the spread of the plague to the nearby villages.

Eyam has a lot of dark history, but there are three specific sites you should not miss on your visit to Eyam related to the Great Plague.

Visit the Eyam Museum for more information about the villagers who lost their lives during the plague. The well was the site where nearby villages would leave food and medicine for the villagers of Eyam so they could remain quarantined. The last stop is a bit of abandoned places with dark history sombre location — the Riley Graves. This tiny cemetery is located near the Riley House Farm. The graves belong to one of Eyams residents, Elizabeth Hancock buried her entire family over the course of 8 days.

The witch trials in England were brutal. Entire families were executed in the Pendle Witch Trials /18222.txt A young woman, Alizon Device cursed a man who later suffered a stroke.

She felt so guilty that she confessed to witchcraft and her mother and grandmother were also abandoned places with dark history of witchcraft. The Device family, as well as several other accused witches, were locked up in a tiny basement cell in Lancaster Castle. After being held, the accused were put on trial in the Crown Court at the castle and ultimately executed. There are several areas around Pendle Hill and England that were hit by the witch trials.

Take a dark travel tour of the Pendle Witches on your next trip to England. During excavations at Charterhouse Square, archeologists discovered a plague pit that contained 25 skeletons hailing from the 14 th century. Upon examination, the bacteria which caused the plague were present in their teeth which means these were victims of the plague that hit London. Visit the Charterhouse and take a guided tour to see the black plague Skeleton and learn about medieval London.

If you love vampires, Whitby Abbey should be added to your spooky things to do in England. The beautiful gothic structure has been abandoned and left in ruins since the 9 th century.

If ghosts are more your thing, you will want to add Pluckley in Kent to your list spooky sites to visit in England. The spirits have abandoned places with dark history sighted in various places around Pluckley, so be sure to pack your ghost-hunting gear and get ready to get scared! The Tower of London is also home to several ravens who live at the tower and ensure that it does not fall. The ravens were brought in by Charles II who believed the tower would fall if the ravens left.

The Tower of London is quite a popular London attraction so be sure to arrive early to beat the crowds. Located deep within the basement of St. Although not certain, the bones and skulls are believed to have been from plague victims who perished during the Black Death. The Churchill War Узнать больше здесь is just one part of the Imperial War Museum which also abandoned places with dark history a map room, cabinet room, bedrooms and a telephone room.

The telephone room was disguised as a bathroom where Winston Churchill would converse with the President of the United States. How cool is that? There was no way that I would leave Jack the Ripper off of this list. The mysterious serial killer roamed the streets of London targeting women of the abandoned places with dark history.

The infamous serial killer allegedly had a decent understanding of the human body depicted by the way he killed and mutilated the bodies of his victims. There are several areas abandoned places with dark history the Whitechapel District related to Jack the Ripper but the best way to get the best insight into the history is by taking a Jack the Ripper walking tour. If you продолжение здесь to check out the Jack the Ripper Museum be sure to read the review by Dagney of Cultura Obscura and see other dark and unusual things to do in London on your trip.

Need more gruesome serial killer stories? Check abandoned places with dark history the history of serial killers Burke and Hare in Edinburgh. If you like this post, please share it on Pinterest!

Crystal is a history fan with a fondness for dark abandoned places with dark history. Crystal travels to по этому сообщению history sites, dark tourism sites and historic places around the world. Crystal moved from Canada to Scotland. Living in Edinburgh for a few years while travelling around the country exploring Scotland.

Crystal wants to inspire you to move to Scotland. Lancaster Castle entrance in England. A dark street in London was the perfect hunting ground for Jack the Ripper.


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However, a foot cross was installed in , thanks to local funding. It lights up and changes color to correspond to different holidays. The former was due to its architecture, which includes arched ceilings and a centralized tower. The latter was due to the third-floor gallows above a spiral staircase, where only two hangings were officially recorded—a pair accused of murdering a taxi driver in Inmates used to wave to passersby, and according to local legend, you may catch a glimpse of their ghosts continuing to wave now that the jail is inactive.

If you want to see what the place is really all about, take part in a Gothic Jail After Dark tour. Originally planned as a full resort, the property is slowly being reclaimed by nature, but still has its wood gates, a covered grandstand, and an old restaurant with a windmill on top. The track was known for its dangerous curves, including a tricky downhill turn.

Wrecks were common. Drivers slammed into trees and sometimes even nearby Sugar Creek. Even a few spectators were killed, leading Jungle Park to close for good in The site occasionally hosts special events. Weston, West Virginia Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum just sounds like a haunted house to begin with—which may explain why it was called the Weston State Hospital throughout most of its operation.

At its peak, the facility was overcrowded with 2, mentally ill patients, eventually shutting down in The local economy still hasn’t recovered from the closure, which says all you need to know about this remote area of West Virginia. The asylum, said to be the second-largest hand-cut sandstone building in the world behind the Kremlin, is a sprawling piece of spooky architecture with staggered wings to maximize natural sunlight for the patients.

Paranormal tours are available. Make it two hours. This is New York traffic we’re talking about. The reward is a sweeping 8,acre landscape of trees, hills, parks, and trails along the Hudson River. It all came to an end when the couple died within weeks of each other. The home was abandoned and much of it destroyed in a fire. Its luxurious beaches and hotels attracted celebrities including Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor, who took sunbaths right on the Varosha beach.

But, with the invasion of the Turkish in , things changed drastically and the entire population fled the area in fear of a massacre. Ever since, due to tense political situations, the area has remained abandoned. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster of caused a city-wide leak of nuclear radiation. Once a township of thousands of plant workers and their families, Pripyat had to be evacuated immediately. Though the water receded, what remained of the village has been abandoned since then.

The town was founded in in the Namib desert by German settlers looking for diamonds. However, the resources were exhausted by mids and the town was abandoned thereafter. Today, the homes are filled high with sand that provides an eerie, but striking, image to the town.

Sanzhi, the city of the UFO houses in Taiwan, was developed as a vacation destination for the US military officers returning from their positions in Asia. The structure too were torn apart entirely in It was in that miners discovered rich deposits of gold and silver in the town.

Located on the Yangtze River in China, the fishing village of Gouqi island is known for the lush buildings covered in greenery and ivy. The erstwhile British administrative center for the Indian Penal Settlement, Ross Island was an abandoned island in southern Andaman until recently. It is now maintained by the government and is a major tourist attraction in Andaman.

The graveyard and the ruined church provide an eerie feeling to this abandoned island. Once a lush island occupied by a large population, the Hirta Island has remained abandoned since the s due to the threat of starvation and the harsh weather conditions.

Popularly called the Battleship Island, the Hashima Island was home to a coal mining facility, a hospital, a school, and numerous restaurants during its prime time lateth century to midth century. However, they are all in a dilapidated state today. Once a favourite destination of the rich and famous, people today can only peep through barbed wire as nature reclaims the buildings. Construction on the hotel began in but stopped after five years due to a lack of funds.

Once proudly emblazoned across North Korean stamps, this vacant hotel soon became airbrushed out of official photos.

Despite nearly two decades of abandonment, construction resumed in but whether the hotel will ever be completed is open to debate. Defiantly protruding from a desolate landscape of ash and lava, this church tower is all that remains of the devastated village of San Juan Parangaricutiro, Mexico Dropdown content. Beginning in , successive eruptions of the Paricutin volcano slowly engulfed houses, streets and livelihoods, masking all signs of life under a black cloak of molten rock and ash.

Today, tourists drawn to this isolated ruin can marvel at the still intact, though vacant, altar inside. Boldly rising 75 metres above the waterline, the bell tower of the flooded St.

Nicholas Church marks the site where the Russian town of Kalyazin once stood. When the Uglich Reservoir was created in , the town was purposely flooded, and the landscape was irreparably altered.

Attracted to the simplistic beauty of the remaining belfry, tourists visiting on boats can explore this enduring landmark of the sunken town. Hidden sixty metres below the streets of Moscow Dropdown content lies ZKP Tanansky, a 7, sq metre space which once served as a secret Cold War—era communications centre. Built in the s, this vast complex was designed to withstand a direct nuclear attack and filled with enough supplies to stay running for months afterwards.

In this case, the bombings by Italian aviation during the battle of the Ebro destroyed practically the entire town. Some facades of what this town remained standing in the middle of the vegetation.

We can leave the sadness and pain left by the civil war in Spain to enter places a little more chilling and terrifying. The bone chapel in Portugal receives its name because the remains of more than 5, monks rest on its walls. As if that were not enough, to make it more frightening, two bodies hang from the ceiling tied with ropes.

Bodie is one of the best-known abandoned places in the world. The gold rush caused many mines to be created and surrounding mining towns like this.

Now abandoned, the legend says that there are many ghosts that protect him. Therefore, be careful if you want to take something from there. Another abandoned mine is in one of the aridest places in the world. Travel Updates. Andrea Noronha – October 26, 0. Most people in the world have a fear of snakes. However, the Krishna Poddar – April 24, 0.

Travelling the world is quite a thrilling experience, and trains, cars, planes and buses aren’t the only way to get around.

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