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In , the New Zealand population included: View larger map. Useful links. Stat website NZ. Stat is a free web tool, published by Stats NZ, that allows you to create and customise tables from large datasets. Census data and population estimates are available in NZ.

Data quality for the Census Provides information to help you understand the quality of the Census dataset. For more information, read about response rates below.

Stats NZ gives data an overall rating based on sources and coverage, consistency, and data quality. This data is from the Census. The Census had low response rates, particularly for some areas of New Zealand and groups of people. Read more about this on Stats NZ’s website. Where information was missing or unreadable, Stats NZ attempted to use data from a range of places such as the census or administrative data that is collected by other government agencies.

If that isn’t available, Stats NZ use statistical models to predict what the missing data would have been. This is called imputation. This is a multiple response variable, therefore the number of total responses will be greater than the number of respondents e. When comparing these results to the and censuses, it is advisable to use percentages.

The absolute change in count of people for each ethnic group is over-inflated by the additional data imputation and collection methods in In , all people were assigned to at least one category. A person may vary their reporting of their ethnicity, including the number of ethnicities they identify with, according to the context in which they are asked. This is a consideration when comparing the Census results with other sources.

Government statistics draw on their estimated levels of natural growth, and are slightly higher than the UN’s estimates. The New Zealand population clock projects from the June estimated population using the following factors:. New Zealand was actually losing citizens to migration as recently as , but now has a significant positive net migration.

This, coupled with the difference between births and deaths, contributes to a healthy rise in population that is expected to continue throughout the 21st century. The most recent New Zealand census was taken in This census counted 4,, people, up from 4,, in This represents a 5. The census is usually held every five years, but in New Zealand suffered from a major earthquake, which pushed the census back to The next census is scheduled to be taken in The declining population is expected to continue in the years to come in New Zealand, but the population will still be growing- just at a slower rate.

Current projections believe that the annual growth rate will peak in at 0. With growth rates this small, it is unlikely that New Zealand will see large changes in their numbers.

The same set of predictions believe that the population of New Zealand will be 4,, in , 5,, in , 5,, in , and 5,, by Population estimates based on interpolation of data from World Population Prospects. New Zealand is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia. There are two main islands: the North Island and the South Island , in addition to roughly smaller islands. The total surface area within New Zealand comes in at , square miles , square kilometers which ranks 76th in the world just in terms of size.

Using the population of 4. April 04, Connor McIndoe. New Zealand’s ethnic diversity will continue to increase. Statistics New Zealand’s projections herald significant changes. The Asian population will be the fastest growing ethnic group in New Zealand.


New Zealand Population (Demographics, Maps, Graphs).

Random House. Archived from the original on 25 May The Census was a modernised census based on models used in by the /19108.txt and Australian statistical agencies what ethnicity lives in new zealand then applied in the New Zealand context. Ethincity article: Education in New Zealand. While the Prime Minister is the most important person in the day-to-day government, above them in the constitutional hierarchy is New Zealand’s monarch, the British King or Queen. English has long been entrenched as a de facto national language due to its widespread use.


List of ethnic origins of New Zealanders – Wikipedia.Ethnic groups in New Zealand –


In the most recent New Zealand censusin Other major pan-ethnic groups include Asians Middle Eastern, Latin American and African ethnicities constitute a small remainder 1. What ethnicity lives in new zealand completing the census people could select more than one ethnic group and this list includes all of the правы.

is columbia sc nice to live пад ethnic groups if more than one is chosen. New Zealand’s ethnic diversity can be attributed to its history and location. For example, the country’s colonisation by Britain is a core reason for its Western values and culture. The New Zealand census invites respondents to identify with an ethnic group. There are six major ethnic groupings: [3]. Many respondents identify with multiple ancestries.

For this list, the total response method is used. Total response counts people of multiple ethnicities in each ethnic groups in which they identify. While this shows all the people that identify with a particular ethnicities, the sum of all ethnic group populations adds to more than the total population.

Prioritised ethnicity counts people with multiple ethnicities in the highest-priority single ethnic group in which they identify. While it has the advantage that the sum of all ethnic groups equals the total population, the preferential order can cause ethnic groups to be /17906.txt or underrepresented, /12314.txt may categorise a person differently from their self-identified primary ethnicity.

Ethnicities self-identified recorded in the and New Zealand what ethnicity lives in new zealand. Only ethnicities with 1, or more responses at the census are included individually:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Statistics New Zealand. Retrieved 18 August ISBN Retrieved 10 December June Retrieved 13 November Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

Ministry of Health New Zealand. September Archived from the original PDF посетить страницу 13 July Retrieved 19 November Archived from the original on 23 September Retrieved 30 September Retrieved what ethnicity lives in new zealand March New Zealand people. Egyptian South African Zimbabwean. American Canadian. Australian Pasifika Rotuman Samoan Tongan. Namespaces What ethnicity lives in new zealand Talk.

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