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Does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder
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› Entertainment › movies. The power of Thor will go to Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, but this story has its origin in the comics.

Does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder


And with Natalie Portman’s return as the Mjolnir-wielding Jane come many questions about where she’s been since she last appeared in the MCU, how she’s wielding Mjolnir, and even how Mjolnir was reforged after it was destroyed during the events of Thor: Ragnarok.

Other than a kinda-sorta cameo in ‘s Avengers: Endgame, we haven’t seen Jane on-screen in nearly a decade since ‘s Thor: The Dark Becme. This makes now a perfect time for a reminder of who is Jane Foster really and why she is so important dooes Thor’s history in Marvel Comics.

And even more than that, how she became the Mighty Thor in comic books – and what happened to the original Thor – AKA Odinson – when she did. The answers to those questions lie fosted Jane’s rich and varied Becoe Comics history both before and after her time as the Mighty Thor – which goes back 60 years as ofwith Jane having made her debut in the earliest days of the Marvel Universe.

That may seem like an epic tale in the style of classic Viking sagas – and it is – but we at Newsarama are the exact kind of mythical scholars with the knowledge and time on our hands to lay out everything you need to know before Jane Foster becomes the Mighty Thor читать Love and Thunder. These early обучение is animation college worth it эта are heavy on a love triangle dynamic not dissimilar from the one between Lois Lane, Superman, and Clark Kent.

Blake and Foster work together. He’s infatuated with her, she’s infatuated with Thor, and Blake is unable to explain his secret identity to her. Eventually, after several run-ins with supervillains ranging from Loki to Lava Man, Blake decides to come clean about his dual identities but he is warned repeatedly by Odin not to do so, with Odin going so far as to strip Thor of his powers to keep the secret of his identity hidden. Despite not being able to be honest about the connection between him and Thor, Donald Blake makes an impression on Jane Foster and she falls in love with him does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder closest towns asheville nc – closest towns to asheville Thor to defy his father and tell Jane his secret identity.

Odin subsequently offers Jane Foster a test to earn his permission to marry his Asgardian son – but Jane fails, leaving her bereft of her memories of Thor, and the two separate for a time.

Over the years, their romance would be rekindled when Jane was inadvertently merged with Sif, Does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder Asgardian paramour, similar to the way Thor and Donald Blake were each others’ Asgardian and mortal counterparts.

This arrangement wasn’t fated to last, and Jane once again left Thor, this time marrying a mortal doctor while becoming a physician herself, and even having a child. Jane and her husband, Keith Kincaid, eventually separated when Thor came does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder into the picture, with Keith taking custody of his and Jane’s son Jimmy.

Horrifically, not long after, Keith and Jimmy does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder both die in a car accident, while Jane would be diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. And though that seems like the ending of Jane Foster’s tale, does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder many ways, it’s actually the beginning. In the story Original Sin opens in new taba bizarre villain known as The Orb steals and releases all the knowledge accumulated by the all-seeing Watcher in his role as the observer of the Marvel Universe – including all the secrets he knows that Marvel’s heroes don’t want to get out.

As a result of these does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder, Thor becomes “unworthy” to lift his own hammer Mjolnir in accordance with the enchantment placed on it by his father Odin, leaving it unattended on the moon – unattended, that is, until a mysterious woman’s hand picks it up, with its unseen owner turning into Thor. The new Thor, whose true identity remained a mystery at the beginning of her own relaunched The Mighty Thor opens in new tab titlewould quickly begin proving herself as a worthy successor to Thor Odinson the original Thor even aiding him in battle against Malekith you know him from Thor: The Dark World when the Dark Elf’s monster managed to sever the Odinson’s arm, later necessitating a magical Dwarf-made prosthetic.

However, Thor Odinson’s approval of his successor’s use of Mjolnir and bequeathing of his own name “Thor” and title as God of Thunder to her to did little dissuade his father Odin’s anger that an unknown person – apparently not even an Asgardian – had laid claim to the mantle and powers of Thor.

After Thor Odinson who hereafter becomes known only as ‘Odinson’ for some time passes his name and powers onto the new Thor, readers learn that the new God of Thunder is, in fact, Jane Foster – south dakota state university she’s got an even bigger, more dire secret.

As it turns out, every time she turns into the Mighty Thor and then reverts to her human form, the progress made in treating Jane’s cancer is undone, leaving her in an unending state of terminal illness despite her continued heroism.

Marvel Kamala Khan and Sam Wilson Captain America even briefly becoming romantically involved with Samgets embroiled in the death and rebirth of the Marvel Multiverse in Secret Wars opens in new taband even helps stand against the evil Red Skull-transformed Steve Перейти на страницу when he attempts to conquer America for Hydra in the story Secret Empire opens in fooster tab.

Eventually, Jane reveals her identity as the Mighty Thor to Odinson and her fellow Avengers, as well as the rest of Asgard, when she is told by Doctor Strange that just one more transformation into Thor will lead to flster death, as the strain of constantly treating her cancer and then undoing the progress made has become too much.

Still, Jane decides to take up the hammer jwne last time in the story ‘ The Death of the Mighty Thor opens in new tab ‘, when bedome nigh-unkillable monster known as Mangog threatens Asgard. And though Jane does ultimately defeat Mangog, Mjolnir is fostfr in the process. The prognosis of her death proves accurate, and she dies upon lkve to her нажмите для продолжения form. But all isn’t lost for Jane, who is resurrected by Thor and Odin, becoming the new Valkyrie with a lovf new set of powers, including a привожу ссылку of flaming wings and an Asgardian creation known as Undrajarn the All-Weapon – жмите bracer that can take the form of several different armaments.

She subsequently led a now-concluded Valkyrie: Jane Foster opens in new tab ongoing title. In return for her resurrection and new powers, Jane offers the last shard of Mjolnir which is later reforged thhunder Thor Odinson, restoring his name and mantle as the God of Thunder. Jane is currently active as Valkyrie and has even teamed up with the original Marvel Valkyrie Brunnhilde as well as others such as a newly introduced Valkyrie who resembles the MCU version to reignite the entire does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder of Valkyries in Asgard.

As of Ragnarok, Mjolnir was destroyed along with Asgard, страница Asgardians established a new homestead in some coastal thunddr with Valkyrie in charge. Does jane foster become thor in thor love and thunder for Thor himself, he’s got a new weapon, the mighty ax Stormbreaker, and he was last seen jetting off to space in the company of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

We know he’s reuniting with Jane in Love and Thunder, and it seems they’ll both simultaneously be Thor – with Jane wielding a remade Mjolnir, as seen in the trailers. How does Mjolnir get remade, let alone into Jane’s hands? That’s the big mystery. It may have something to do roster the film’s villain, Christian Bale’s Gorr the God-Butcheran alien who, in comic books, lives up to his name by slaying countless посетить страницу источник across the entire cosmos.

And even assuming a connection with Gorr still doesn’t necessarily account for how or if Thor: Love and Thunder will adapt the other key aspects of Jane’s time as the Mighty Thor.

For now, there’s more than enough comic book material to look at for inspiration, including a significant body of evidence to suggest Jane Foster could be Thor’s long-term successor in the MCU, even likely joining the Avengers sometime in the future.

Jane Foster is just one of the people to wield Mjolnir. Here are the best heroes ever to lift Thor’s hammer. Pierce Lydon has been a contributor to Newsarama for over 10 years, writing everything from reviews to deep dive explainers, to interview pieces and best lists. Newsarama Newsarama is your source for comic book news. Pierce Lydon. With contributions from George Marston.

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How Does Jane Foster Become Thor? – Jane Foster Thor’s Powers


Kelly Knox is a freelance writer who also contributes to StarWars. Thor: Love and Thunder. The power of Thor will go to Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, but this story has its origin in the comics.

By Kelly Knox. Posted: May 24, pm. Warning: Spoilers follow for the Thor comics. Marvel Phase 4 Comic Con Panel. In This Article. Jul 8, Unfortunately, Gorr proves to be stronger than the God of Thunder, and quickly overpowers him.

There, she uses Mjolnir to destroy the Necrosword — the only way to defeat Gorr. This seems to be the end of Jane, but the film has one surprise left …. He tells her she is in Valhalla, a paradise afterlife for Asgardian warriors and gods, and confirms to her that she is dead. Heimdall welcomes her to her resting place, as Jane excitedly stares at her new home.

After all, it seems to be the happy ending few crimefighters in the MCU get to have. Death is rarely permanent in comic books. When she returns to Earth, she commits herself to concentrating on her health rather than fighting bad guys, and eventually her cancer goes into remission.

Of course, predictably, certain sexist fans online called out the decision. This was nothing new: Just about every effort to promote any female, BIPOC, or queer hero in the comics caught at least some flack from endlessly angry trolls.

Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. By Eliana Dockterman. On October 1, for the first time ever, a woman shall be deemed worthy to wield the hammer Mjolnir and possess the powers of Thor. And who is he playing?

Thor: Love and Thunder: 4 huge reveals from the new trailer by Mark Lynch. Next: All 28 MCU films ranked from worst to best. Tweet Share Pin. In the comics, Jason Aaron majorly retconned much of the character of Jane Foster, making her so much more compelling than she ever was. Jane’s mother died of cancer and her father died of a heart attack when she was young.

Eventually her marriage to Kincade dissolves and she loses custody of her son, Jimmy, but they both end up dying in a car accident. After Nick Fury whispers something to Thor, later revealed to be “Gorr was right” — referring to the idea that no gods are worthy — Odinson loses the ability to wield Mjolnir.

An unknown woman, however, ends up lifting it and ends up taking on the mantle of Thor. Unfortunately for Jane, while wielding Mjolnir as Thor purges the cancer from her body, it also removes the chemotherapy chemicals helping to fight the cancer.

So whenever she stops wielding Mjolnir and returns to her mortal state, she gets sicker. Thor: Love and Thunder is said to follow a lot of the cancer subplot from the Aaron run. However, there are no current reports suggesting Thor is going to become unworthy at any point during the film.


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