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Why is it called an officer and a gentleman
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The film is about friendship, intimacy and team work, with Worley and Mayo becoming especially close. This particular relationship parallels aspects of romantic love, platonic love and family love.

The film nods at this at the end. Mayo says something interesting during this scene. This mimics a shorter speech he gives Paula earlier in the film. A line which was cut from the final release source even has Mayo state that Foley is the dad he never had. Foley — the substitute father — teaches the officer candidates about women and relationships. He represents the parental love that Mayo truly craves.

His father is worse than useless. One of those cut scenes would have seen Mayo saluting his dad — a nod to their conversation at the start of the film. Instead, the film skips to that iconic final scene between Paula and Mayo. But what gets lost along the way is why. Instead we see Mayo graduate alone, say goodbye to Foley, and then rock up at the factory.

Most of their scenes are about sex or playing house rather than dates or hanging out. Instead, Mayo turns to Foley to express how he feels. He turns up at the military base and picks a fight. He graduates, salutes Foley, and goes to meet Paula at the factory.

Without Foley, there would be no romantic resolution. And without Foley, there would no be resolution to the family tragedy and tension that the movie opens with. Foley squares the circle. His relationship with Mayo is the true heart of An Officer and a Gentleman. Picture credit : Clem Onojeghuo. If you enjoy reading these articles, you can donate here. Skip to content Search for:. Video Watch Sneak Previews Season 4 Episode Photos Top cast Edit.

Richard Gere Zack Mayo. Debra Winger Paula Pokrifki. David Keith Sid Worley. Robert Loggia Byron Mayo. Lisa Blount Lynette Pomeroy. Lisa Eilbacher Casey Seeger. Louis Gossett Jr. Emil Foley. Tony Plana Emiliano Della Serra. Harold Sylvester Perryman. David Caruso Topper Daniels.

Victor French Joe Pokrifki. Grace Zabriskie Esther Pokrifki. Tommy Petersen Young Zack. David Greenfield Schneider. Dennis Rucker Donny. Jane Wilbur Nellie Rufferwell.

Buck Welcher Thraxton. Taylor Hackford. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Goofs Just before the officer candidates take the oath and graduate a recruit announces, “All officers present. Quotes Foley : You can forget it! Alternate versions NBC cut 6 minutes from this film for its network television premiere.

User reviews Review. Featured review. For every student of screenplay this is a must. A classic. A movie that you can watch over and over again and find something new. There really is something for everyone and for those who follow classical screenplay protocols this is an absolute must. The timing of events and the pace of those events is absolutely perfect. Richard Gere is really extremely good and in fact as time goes on his role may actually turn out to be one of his best.

He has such a fragile bravado in this tale of selfish loner turns good. Debra Winger and Louis Gossett are also outstanding.



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Yes, it refers to one person, Zachary “Zack” Mayo (played by Gere). As Wikipedia explains: The film’s title uses an old expression from the. In order to keep filming moving forward and not fall behind, Gere and Director Taylor Hackford called upon another African-American karate expert who stood in. That is, Foley would want to go into battle (which he predicts, offhandedly, could happen in the next few years) with a physical specimen like Mayo. This is.


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Uniform Code of Military Justice, as being charged источник “conduct if an officer and a gentleman” from See the full list. Paramount Pictures. It is also a tradition for the Drill Instructor to place the silver dollar of his memorable students in his right pocket; you can see that Mayo’s dollar is placed in Foley’s right pocket, rather than the left pocket as по этому адресу is for, for example, Ensign Della Serra.

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