Oldest abandoned places in the world – oldest abandoned places in the world

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Oldest abandoned places in the world – oldest abandoned places in the world
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Kayakoy, Turkey. Fordlandia, Brazil.

– 15 Famous Abandoned Places Around the World – AFAR


This post was published by Sufiyan. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Packages Hotels Collections. Countries Singapore. Write For Us! Join as a travel agent. Home Articles Abandoned Places Around the It often happens at times that something built for a specific purpose fails to live up to its expectations and is left abandoned.

Throughout its lifetime, the structure would have seen several shocking crimes ranging from inhuman torment to unnatural deaths.

Call it supernatural, paranormal, unearthly, spiritualistic or demonic entities with a grave intent; the rationality for these unexplained phenomena are unknown. With only adventurers heading into these places, locals too, refrain from entering these. It is of paramount importance to exercise caution while even passing through their vicinity and at best keep away from them.

Along with these are also a couple of abandoned structures which may not be considered as a centre for the paranormal but are just as spooky as the former. Witnesses claim to have seen the ghost of a man cradling his severed head under his arm and roaming the corridors whereas others claim to have seen ghosts of children playing about cheerfully in a soundless environment.

Bhangarh fort, India Source Touted as the most haunted place in India, this fort was built in the 17th century by the ruler Bhagwant Das, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. As circumstances would have it, his daughter rejected a local sorcerer who approached her bearing the intention of enchanting her with a potion. In a bizarre turn of events, anguished over his loss, he failed to notice a boulder rolling down his way and was crushed to his death.

Moments before dying, he cursed the entire kingdom of Bhangarh for perishing and dying agonising deaths. Fast forward four centuries. With sightings of paranormal activity and tales of visitors meeting terrible ends, there is definite proof that this is THE most haunted place in the country.

The current state of the fort is in ruins with the government has put up several signs in its vicinity cautioning visitors to return back by evening. With several people disappearing over the years, it has become a no-entry zone for the general population. However, accounts of people who manage to pass through unharmed have reported bizarre sensations along with strange rashes which persist for a long time.

Multiple UFOs have also been sighted over the forest. Several inexplicable events have happened; one of which is a girl disappearing, not being seen for a single day after that and reappearing after five years, wearing the same clothes and not having aged a single day.

The source of numerous mythical legends, witchcraft is also said to be practised here. Finding burnt animal skins, rotten corpses snapped bones, burnt-out fires along with strange demonic symbols is not uncommon. Adventure Weird Laws from Around the World. Adventure Adventure in Your Blood? Adventure Incredible Places to Slackline in the World. Most Powerful Passports in the World. Comments on this post. Browse Hotel Collections.

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Oldest abandoned places in the world – oldest abandoned places in the world. The Coolest Abandoned Places Around the World


As fun as it is to visit the newest theme park or latest hotel to add over-water bungalows , there’s nothing like the goosebumps you get from something that has existed for thousands of years.

Today, people are still unsure how Egyptians built these pyramids more than 3, years ago, which contain hidden chambers , some of which still haven’t been opened. But everyone agrees that they are a human marvel. The Incas built this city on top of a mountain around the year , but abandoned it a century later when the Spanish invaded the region.

It was rediscovered in and today many tourists make the four-day hike or a train, if they prefer to see it for themselves. Lisbon is a port city, the capital of Portugal, and was founded back in BC. To show just how ancient it is, until the 16th century people thought it was the edge of the world. Today, it’s an extremely trendy travel destination.

This ruin is all that remains of an ancient city believed to be called Yax Mutal and was built back in to AD. The Tikal Temple is one of the city’s most iconic ruins and stand feet tall. This city is believed to have been created about 4, and 5, years ago in the Levant region.

Sadly, due to tourism and other modern-day issues, Jerusalem’s Old City is on the list of World Heritage Sites in danger. This ancient city was built back in the 12th century and served as the center of the Khmer Empire in Southeast Asia. After the empire fell, the forest overgrew it, however it’s still the largest religious monument in the world , covering acres.

Scholars are still not sure how builders got these stones from Wales and why they’re still standing, despite being built 3, years ago. But people flock to this field today to take in the mystery for themselves. This city was one of the biggest trading centers in the world back in the third century BC and is one of the best preserved ruins of its kind today. This enormous rock located over feet high is also known as Lion Rock and served as a capital in the 5th century. King Kasyapa commanded the construction of this royal palace, but later it was converted into a Buddhist monastery.

You might recognize this monument , which is carved into a canyon, from the third Indiana Jones film. It’s believed to have been built as early as the 6th century BC and was rediscovered in Located in the city of Rome, the construction of this amphitheater which was made out of concrete and sand started in 71 AD and was completed in 80 AD.

It was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles and today is a tourist favorite. This white marble tomb was built in the s for Emperor Shah Jahan’s deceased wife and is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Between two and four million tourists visit the mesmerizing site every year.

This temple on the Athenian Acropolis was dedicated to the goddess Athena, who the people of Athens considered their patron. It was built back in BC and is considered the most important surviving building of Classical Greece. While this famous building in Granada was originally built to serve as a small fortress in AD , it was converted into a royal palace in by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada.

Today, it’s been restored and is filled with fountains, gardens and tourists. These Moai statues made out of volcano ash and located on an island in the Pacific Ocean are the only remnants of the culture that once lived here. People believe they were created between and CE. Considered one of the oldest cities in Europe, the first evidence of habitation here is from 6, BC. It was a leader in architecture, as proven here by an ancient theater that still remains today. Emperor Qin Shi Huang originally built part of this wall in the third century BC as a means to keeping out the Mongol people invading the country, however it was also added to from the 14th to the 17th centuries during the Ming dynasty.

This city was built between two hills back in 5, BC and was the birthplace of many soldiers who fought in the Trojan War. Back in , this city was founded to serve as the capital of the Thai Empire for approximately years. As of recently, temples have been excavated and partly reconstructed, including this unbelievable alter Buddha.

This Mediterranean city is believed to have first been inhabited between 8, and 7, BC , and continuously occupied since 5, BC.

Fun fact: It’s credited with the origin of the Phoenician alphabet, which became modern Hebrew. In fact, they’re even older than the pyramids of Egyp t. This ancient city thrived from around AD to the s. Today, the most famous aspect of this complex of Mayan ruins is a step pyramid known as El Castillo , which is considered one of the most important Mayan historical structures. Legend has it that this town was founded by the god Shiva, which is part of the reason it’s considered the spiritual capital of the country.

Even though it has officially served as a home for people since BC, there are signs of life from as early as 11, BC. More than 5, years ago, people lived in this Neolithic town, but it wasn’t rediscovered until strong storms led people here in What travelers found were homes made out of intricate stone roofs and some with furniture inside.

The city is filled with giant trees that Christopher Columbus supposedly brought to the country from the New World. Design Inspiration. Room Ideas. How to Renovate. Shopping Guides. United States. Decorate Rooms Gardening Shopping Lifestyle. Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories. The 33 Coziest Designer Bedrooms Ever. The Pyramids at Giza in Egypt. Machu Picchu in Peru. Lisbon, Portugal. Tikal in Guatemala. Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Stonehenge in England. Volubilis, Morocco. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.

Petra in Jordan. The Colosseum in Italy. Taj Mahal in India. The Parthenon in Greece. The Alhambra in Spain. Easter Island in Chile. Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The Great Wall of China. Argos, Greece. Sukhothai in Thailand. Byblos, Lebanon. Varanasi, India. Skara Brae, Scotland. Getty Images. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below. More From Travel Ideas.


Oldest abandoned places in the world – oldest abandoned places in the world


The world is full of spooky and abandoned places. The eerie isolation and the history echoed within their walls make these abandoned places very interesting visit. If you are someone who has fun interrupting the ghostly solitude of an abandoned building, you might want to go and visit these spooky locations.

Pripyat was a nuclear city founded in the 70s. It was once occupied by more than 49, people until the Chernobyl disaster. During the catastrophic nuclear accident, many of the residents died due to radiation-induced cancer.

Although Pripyat is open to public access, and has become a popular tourist spot , Ukrainian officials say that the place will remain uninhabitable for another 20, years. The once-thriving town of Kolmanskop started to die out after the First World War. German miners began to head south, leaving their homes and possessions behind, when they found rich diamond-bearing deposits on a beach terrace located km south of Kolmanskop.

The ghost town is now a popular destination for photographers. The Miranda Castle in Celles was built in in a neo-gothic style. It was commissioned by Liedekerke-De Beaufort family, who had left their previous home during the French revolution. The architect who was in charge died before the construction was finished. It served as an orphanage and also a holiday camp for sickly children till The castle has been abandoned places since as the maintenance cost was too expensive.

The spooky-looking castle is also featured in the American TV series Hannibal. On the south-eastern tip of Pamban Island, the wreck of this old city is located between India and Sri Lanka.

A part of the state of Tamil Nadu, Dhanushkodi was destroyed by a cyclone and has been abandoned since The Star Jet was a replacement for the similarly-named Jet Star that stood there before it. It stands on the shores of Atlantic Ocean as a reminder of destruction caused by the hurricane.

A replacement roller coaster, the Hydrus, opened in Kundar is a small village situated in Tikamgarh district, near Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh. Located on a hill near the village are the ruins of the Garh Kundar fort. They tell the tale of the glorious past of the Khangar rulers. For several decades, the Garh Kundar fort has been rumoured to be haunted. It is currently under consideration to be restored. Although the buildings are completely abandoned places, it is popular with tourists for its unusual architecture.

The location is said to be inauspicious as it witnessed a lot of deaths and suicides during construction. It was one of the biggest sugar refineries, producing Domino brand sugar. A part of the building was completely burned down during a huge explosion in that also killed several workers. The refinery stopped operations in It is currently being redeveloped.

The mansion was built in and was intended to function as a hotel for tourists who visited Tequendama Falls. This imposing mansion was originally built in the 17th century for the Foleys. It was later expanded by architect John Nash under the Earls of Dudley in the 19th century. At its peak it was one of the great palaces in England.

However, it was sold off after the First World War, and suffered a devastating fire in from which it never recovered. The ruins of the house have since been stabilised, and the garden restored. Opened as a coal mining facility in , it was abandoned in when the undersea coal mines started to deplete.

It started to attract tourists in the s because of the historic ruins it represented, surrounded by the calm sea. When it was built over years ago, the Michigan Central Station in Detroit was the tallest train station in the entire world. Now, it is just one of the many abandoned places in the city. Much of its fine architecture has been destroyed by vandals.

However, it was purchased by the Ford Motor Company and is under redevelopment. This is where many decommissioned ships end up. Abandoned after an earthquake in , the island is now home to ruins covered in vines and branches and also to many species of birds and deer.

If you enjoy exploring spooky, abandoned places as you unravel their complex history, this list is the perfect guide for you. Visit these abandoned places around the world and plunge yourself into a different dimension! Have we missed any of your favourite spooky and abandoned places?

If so do share them in the comments below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the abandoned Kindergartens within the exclusion zone. Hotel del Salto, Colombia The abandoned Hotel del Salto next to Tequendama Falls The mansion was built in and was intended to function as a hotel for tourists who visited Tequendama Falls.

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